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Why when i watch a movie on my laptop or read on my phone my head starts to hurt, then i see double, what is happenning?

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Question for you do you where glasses 👓 if you do maybe you need a new prescription and if you don’t have glasses 👓 maybe you need glasses. I ask you this because I also wear glasses and I think I need a new prescription.

I hope you don’t think I am being too forward. But I also know my eyes 👀 are Changing.

Good luck to you.

Sunique in reply to ssdw1958

No me no wear glasses so get one though.

Madlegs1 in reply to Sunique

Yeah - get the eye test.

Sunique in reply to Madlegs1

I did test my eye i will be getting one in may

ssdw1958 in reply to Sunique

That’s a good thing 😎

That will help your legs also.

Tired eyes. Strain computer light can cause. More intense your headache could cause migrane eyes

Have you had a recent eye test?

Sunique in reply to BadHare


A very painful double vision, opticians or you GP.

Sunique in reply to Philip

its not that painful


i was planning to start going to the gym or do yoga

It’s due to the type of screen. Blue light is affecting you.

Simple solution, if it hurts don’t do it!

If you have to see your Doctor

Alright, thank you

If you are having head pain and seeing double while reading, then you need to see a doctor, or more than one doctor. It might be caused by your eyes, or it might be caused by your neck, back, or nerves and muscles spasming on your head. Start with an eye doctor for a complete work up. Then you might also need to see a medical doctor.

i already went to an eye doctor they said i need a glasses.

Well, there you go. Needing glasses may or may not be the cause of your symptoms. Did you get glasses, are you wearing them, and while wearing them do you still have these symptoms?

i haven't gotten my glasses yet

That might be why you have those symptoms. Or, it might be something else.

If you need glasses, have been prescribed them but don't have them or aren't using them and are experiencing vision problems and head aches while not using them, no glasses might be the cause.

Also try to adjust brightness on screen, cell and computer monitor. I dull mine so it eases thr pain and tearing

Sunique in reply to Justsore

That's what i do.

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