cluster headache

hi new to this but i suffer with ch and hav now for 11 years at first i was fitting alot and then started theys head pains witch i thought was normal migraines 6 years with no treatment till 1 dr mentioned clusters .....he tried me on a nazal spray worked at first but not times after on injections that work but as i get 5 to 6 a day bin told i cant use them as often as i hav i use a cold /hot shower on the side of my head for the pain ......any 1 else out there with ways to stop/help the pain.....will b grateley thankful chris uk reading

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  • what about a bowl of hot water and a towel and breathe in the steam as cluster headaches can be caused by some sort of sinus' could add menthol crystal to the water too.. good luck i hope you get some relief. love grace xoxo

  • ill give it a try and let u no

  • I have a friend who suffered continuous head pain for years but couldn't shake it. Recently he tried a new thing, can't remember what it's called but had a screw/ear ring put into inner lobe of his ear and the headaches have stopped, maybe you could look into it.

  • i got posted this pic on facebook saying the same thing think i might get that dun

  • Might be worth a try.

  • Just looked it up they are called daith earrings.

  • yes my name is Chris,and did suffer with the cluster headaches you mentioned,my attacks always happened whilst I was asleep,and I can sympathise with what your going through,they were the mother of all headaches,as I honestly thought I had something more serious,as I have been prone with abscess's all in different places around my body,and thought I had one in my brain,however I still don't know if these headaches were a warning to something else that was happening as,whilst having a bout of these headaches I ended up with an internal bleed,and had life saving surgery,so almost within hours I haven't had a headache since,but I had them for almost over two months before being taken ill,so I don't know if that's just coincidence and the time before that I can't remember how long I'd suffered with the headaches,I believe they are called "suicide headaches" I was treated with a tablet called pizotifen 0.5MG,and didn't work,and then was tried on sumatriptan 100Mg,which helped,but cause these headaches came on si suddenly it's hard to tell wether the tablets had time to get into my system,I would get between 2/3 headaches per night but they would last between half an hour,to an hour so I've not had a headache since last summer,and I'm pleased to say not had one since,so as quickly they came the headaches have disappeared,but they were always in the same place and eventually would move to the top of my head my nose will get blocked,my eye started to water and the pressure in my head was horrendous,and so I would sit on the edge of my bed rocking and praying that the pain would subside,and slowly the pressure would ease off and then blow my nose and eventually the headaches would disappear,I'm sorry that your going through a tough time of it and if there's any similarities to what I've described I know you'll be at your wit's end,so I wish you good luck in trying to solve your health issues,thanks

  • I had cluster headaches for years. I began getting them in the 70's and had they for years and went to numerous doctors until I finally found one that diagnosed what they were and was able to treat me. At the time, I gave myself the Imitrex shots as this was before they came out with the nasal spray. It was the only thing that would make the headaches subside and I had been on many, many different medications and spent a lot of time in doctors' offices and emergency rooms. I had these headaches from the 70's until 1994 when I ended up having to have a hysterectomy. I've only had 1 since then and that was probably around 1997 or so. This all leads me to believe that they're hormone related somehow. The doctor that diagnosed me had told me that these headaches are much more common in men than in women. I'm sorry that you have them because quite honestly they are horrible. I too would sit and rock and pray for the pain to subside just like Cb1963.

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