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MRI timings


So, just back from MRI of whole spine. It only took 25 minutes for everything. According to what I read before I went it should have been longer. I asked and he said he has the Ferrari of machines. I don't know whether this was a joke or not. I include the average timings below.

MRI of the Brain … 20-45 minute scan time.

MRI of the Orbits … 20-35 minute scan time.

MRI of the TMJ … 45-60 minute scan time.

MRI of the Soft Tissue Neck … 25-35 minute scan time.

MRI of the Cervical Spine … 20-35 minute scan time.

MRI of the Upper Extremity … 20-45 minute scan time.

MRI of the Thoracic Spine … 25-45 minute scan time.

MRI of the Chest … 25-45 minute scan time.

MRI of the Abdomen … 25-45 minute scan time.

MRI MRCP … 50-60 minute scan time.

MRI of the Lumbar Spine … 20-35 minute scan time.

MRI of the Pelvis … 20-35 minute scan time.

MRI of the Lower Extremity … 20-35 minute scan time.

MRI Run Off … 50-60 minute scan time.

MRI Arthrogram … 30-60 minute scan

I was to have the whole spine which is three areas... Cervical; thoraic and lumbar.

Not tgatvim complaining about being in there less time as uncomfortable keeping still with back spasms... Just wondering why?? Could it be that ovwas in one of the newer machines which not only goes faster but which is stronger so it can see more?? Felingva bit unknowledgeable. Also wasn't allowed to take my person in with me even though the appointment letter said we could. What's the norm?

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Machines vary so really no need to worry it wasn't done properly.

LaurieRose in reply to bantam12

Thanks, just needed to hear that really. I trust they know what they are doing. Will try not to worry something's missed. I think the consultant only suspects nerve impingement anyway. At least its done now and only a wait for the results.

Dear LaurieRose,

I wouldn't worry, too much, about 'Timings'. I have had several scans, where the Quoted Time is Far longer than the Actual Time. I think that 'They' allow, how can I put this, a 'Little Extra' time, basically Just In Case.

I had to have, fairly minor, Surgery on my arm a few years back. The literature informed me it would be 25 to 35 minutes.....I was out in twenty. The Surgery was a great success, by the way.

Basically, if all is well, then 'All Is Well'.

Have a Happy Easter Laurie.



I used to be a radiographer (the people who run the machines) before I had to give up work.

Yep, there are different ‘strengths’ of MRI machines ( measured in Tesla) and if you were put in a newer machine, it would have worked much faster. It also depends on when the literature you read was written, as a few years ago, they only had slower machines. Also, the timings of the separate parts of the spine would have included set up times, whereas they would have just performed your scans one after another.

I hope that helps. It is only natural to worry tho x

Thank you so much

As others have said those times are not only probably for the older machines, they will be the longest possible time because patients will be happy if a scan takes less time than expected, but unhappy if it took more time.

We have some amazing machines in Cheltenham at the Cobalt Centre that they have used to do live scans at the Cheltenham Science Festival. The scan is much faster than the journey the volunteer took to get from the Arena by the Town Hall to the Centre.

LaurieRose in reply to cyberbarn

Haha that's cool about the time comparison

I would advice going to a physical therapist and getting the gratson technique/ASTYM done on your back to break up scar tissue (it forms naturally and builds on itself over time) you may be able to avoid surgery, particularly if the results of the MRI come back normal. You should asked him the name of the MRI machine to confirm it is a sportscar of mri machines, if you have concerns.

Yes I should have. If I go again I will ask more. It all seemed rushed. I think there was an emergency case in before mine. I'm ok about it all now, was initially surprised. However having a curious mind I like to know the science.or at least the basic science.

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