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Continued back pain

I had back surgery 2 years ago I am having painful sensations throughout my body I have had several medical procedures done none of them have helped me my feet are really painful my left leg has shooting pains the left side of my back feels like it has a really bad bruise I have been on an awful lot of pain meds I finally simple told my Drs that I was not going to take the opioids anymore the pain I was in before surgery was about a 12 on a 1 to 10 scale now the average pain level is 2 to 3 and I am never really not in pain hoping to get some type of helpful feedback

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Hello moekent177

If you have gone from 12 down to 2-3 I would say your procedures have been very successful.

So not sure what you ar asking?

More, and stronger, pain meds have been shown not to decrease pain.. If you can maintain the lower pain level without taking them well done.

Unfortunately chronic pain is for life.



I’ve got to agree , if your pain is down to 2-3 then they must of worked?

Is this pain different? Maybe it’s a nerve or something you hit funny ? Are you on painkillers still? Are you not happy with the process you’ve made?

Being in cronic pain everyday is hard, but surely I’f it’s down to those 2-3 levels it’s much more bareable and manageable. Have they sent you for physio or exercises to strengthen your back now your not in awful pain to help make things better


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