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Nerve pain


Has anyone tried duloxotine for pain relief not sure if I have the spelling right am on pregabalin at the moment it’s helping but I can’t up the dosage as the side effects are to difficult to handle

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I tried a low dose. It helped with pain. It is time released. Goes off and made me jittery. Side effects I’m told go away after a couple weeks. I had trouble sleeping on it so I went off shortly after trying but others I’ve spoken to do not have these effects. Worth a try for pain

Been taking preglabin for a few years not getting the same relief as I was think I need to increase my dose never had much side effects up till now think you have to outway side effects against the pain in all pain relief medication unfortunatley

Hi Kingsley09,

I take pregabalin and duloxetine for chronic neuropathic pain (including PHN). I take 40mg as I found no effect with the recommended 60mg dose. I've had quite a few side effects with it when I first started (a splitting headache, difficulty sleeping, feeling physically on edge, increased sweating and loose bowels). I now use stronger deodorant and take one imodium a day. The other side effects aren't there. However duloxetine has enabled me to stop taking co-codamol, which I needed with pregabalin, as pregabalin on its own wasn't sufficient. Good luck.

I'm on duloxetine and have had no side effects at all. I was started on it slowly as I came off citalopram

Kingsley09 in reply to morphalot

I have a heart problem afib has it effected your heart in anyway although if you haven’t got a heart problem it maybe that you can’t answer that for me

morphalot in reply to Kingsley09

It's probably not relevant because I don't have a heart problem other than the usual atrial fibrillation in older people. All I can say is I've had no problems

Kingsley09 in reply to morphalot

That’s what mine is afib but my dr looked at duxoline and then said no and gave me pregabalin which I’m slowly coming of they won’t put me back on amitriptyline which use to help because of afib so if you are saying you have afib and you have been ok then when I see her next I will ask again about duxoline thank you

Duloxetine (AKA Cymbalta) has been well studied and can be effective for chronic low back, neck and neuropathic pain. It can be used for other conditions, but most of the studies are for nerve pain. It can take a couple of weeks before pain is reduced.

I tried it at 30mg and made me nauseated 6 hrs later, never help with my nerve pain, the Dr decided to up my dose to 60mg I was sick for 36 hrs after two doses, needless to say I stopped taking it, it never did help my nerve pain, I also take Nabilone and Gabapentin, but are not hitting the nerve pain in my legs much anymore. I’m ready to give up, can’t handle the pain anymore just too much!

I had nerve block injections in my neck and expected to not need my tablets. wrong! Within a week my head pains were back with a vengeance, so now I am back on my Pregablin morning and night, plus Norotriptylene at night.

They work well, but I wanted to cut down on meds.

What are the side effects mentioned in earlier posts?

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