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Pain Versus brain fog battle of the pain sufferer 😡😡

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Hi all

Third day on 4 Tramodol rather than 6-8 so far OK ish feeling a bit colder. I am taking Morphine tablets 10mg as needed or every 4 hours. I feel a bit thick headed and drowsy but it has really helped my pain I feel so relieved it is working it has been a long road . I now just have to see what the side effects are if I get bad withdrawal from been on Trams for over ten years. The sun is shining I can do this I have lived in constant pain had sleepless nights.

I will find a balance I will stay positive (I was climbing the walls some/ most days) I will have good days. First trial and error pain clinic adjusting meds coming of Trams a blinking big hill but I have already climbed bigger ones!?

My condition took my job,friends, social life, freedom to plan , activities, sleep , personal life, self esteem, self worth wearing heels and my sense of humor.

So Pain bring it on a little brain fog ?nausea ? I am ready able and willing I want a life let battle commence πŸ˜€

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Hang in there I hope everything works out for you. Try to keep ahead of the pain. I know that’s easier said than done.

Thank you I will try x

Well done, & good luck getting off the rest! :D

Thank you I was on eight a day for years I reduced it to six OK so now 4/5 a day see how I go. I am a determined person and my mind ius set the Tramodol stopped working as plain relief a while ago, I was just too frightened to try to come off them. It took a long while to go and tell the Dr and ask for something else. At the moment it feels like out of the frying pan but the morphine is short term so I am in for a hard time.

Will power is crucial, so I hope you manage to reduce your dose again, & the morphine helps you. Acupuncture can be useful for these situations, though not the physio type.

I hate Tramadol, & didn't find it effective, just numbing. I can't believe how many people think it's non-addictive & without side effects. I prefer diazepam for emergencies, but have a hard time getting an effective dose.

Hi BadHare I agree I took a long time to be brave enough to get off them felt crap today like a have a cold shivers aches headaches mood swings . I HATE Tramadol too I had awful side effects when I first started it. Going bk to pain clinic for ideas just got to stay on track x

Hope you feel better today, & you soon start to see an improvement. I hope your PM clinic is a good'un, & they give you some help! Be brave!

Hugs! x

Very moved by your brief. Indeed chronic pain cancels the joy of being alive. Every thing has to be compromised.

"My condition took my job,friends, social life, freedom to plan"

you and me both bud and plenty of other pain sufferers.

Trouble is only our nearest and dearest see how bad we really are.

Tramadol is a horrible drug.... i was fumbling along for years thinking i had no side effects.

Good luck with everything.... And get your sense of humour back...... You have to laugh its free and it does you good.

Thank you for you reply I agree Tramadol is awful side effects are too. I remember when I very first went on them getting sores on the roof of my mouth. I am getting my humor back i love to laugh.

I am glad you got your laugh back. Keep on smiling. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž

Thank you 😊

Hey Winniepooh1976 I can so relate to what you wrote about taking your job, friends, etc. I've been on Tramadol for 5 yrs now and took a 7 month break from them recently. I am now back on them and I am too trying to keep it at 4 a day. Before I would take 6-8 (prescribed this amount) I also get epidural steroid injections which I find greatly help me.

I wish you well and its been great to find this site and be able to talk to people that can relate to my conditions. I have spinal arthritis and my back and neck are broke down. I also have stenosis, sclerosis and kyphosis along with edema, protrusions and pinched nerves.

Living in chronic pain everyday is hell but I find ways to cope and do the best I can because I still have a 17 yo at home that needs me. I wish everyone well on this site!

Hi Krenay

I was so scared of coming off them I think today was day 4 of taking only 4. I feel like I have a bad cold aches sweating feeling cold headache etc.. I am sorry you have so many painful things to cope with,glad you get relief from steriod injection helps. I was at the point nothing I took was working so my pain was making me feel suicidal. I also have a 16 year old and a six year old it is hard trying to pretend your OK to them. This site is good fulkl of people who get it x

See from my experience. Opiates will cause constipation and but will work on most pains. Tramadol is ok. Df118 s r probably better. Pregabalin is a different ball game. The brand u get will make alot of difference to how u feel. Accord was one of best. But has gone down hill. Zentiva is the best brand and will b most affective. And they make u talk louder. And can make u get head fog. But more so will u talk louder more chat after hour so of taking. And weight they make u starving. They come thru ur system thru the intestine. And Opiates don't. So if ur a man u may and probably will notice a ache in the testicles. Hope I helped.

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