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Hello all. I was diagnosed with RA and FMS in 2009. I take tramadol pregabalin Paracetemol. I've recently been to a pain clinic and the doctor was a delight!!! He listened and understood and treated me with respect. I'm used to just being told "pain is a normal part of your illness". A GP even just sat and looked at me when I told her I was in a lot of pain. She had no answer or advice!! I won't see her again!! Anyhow, just saying hi (sorry I do tend to go on a bit) and it will be lovely to connect with people on here

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  • Hello Georgia3

    So glad you had a good experience at your pain clinic. Yes there are some smashing consultants who work within their walls. Over time you come part of the 'family'! They understand all aspects of your pain so work with them

    They have a very difficult job and I hate to hear criticism of them.

    We too have a fabulously gorgeous one who always manages a huge hug and kiss for me when I go with my husband!


  • You know how lucky you are Pat. I only critisise the staff shortage not the people working there. I've only once had an indifference conversation in four years


  • Hi Georgia. Its good your experience with the Pain Management clinic was positive. I've had a very good relationship with my GP unlike you but I do find that the pain clinic staff are given more time. Usually half an hour for a first consultation which I think is part of the answer. They are specialists in pain so have more of the answers but by no means all.

    In my area they are completely understaffed and therefore after the initial appointment its hard to contact anyone. Pat has a completely different story so it does depend on where you live.

    I hope you will get lots of support and advice here.

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  • Hi Georgia3

    I absolutely agree with Paton; when you get a good pain clinic doctor, keep hold of them!! Their patient workload is immense and waiting lists lengthening daily so they're up against it but if they've got a patient who's willing to 'work with them' then the results can be really good.

    If you're open minded about the many treatments available, some NHS, some 'sort yourself', you'll find their input so beneficial!!

    My pain clinic has a Clinical Psychologist and Pain Specialist Nurses to enhance the department (sorry if others don't have this luxury!) alongside the specialist doctors and the patients get to see the most appropriate members of that team.

    I currently have 3 monthly appointments with the psychologist (in a bit of a tailspin as I was due to have an SCS implant but my back is too knackered to have it so I'm a bit fragile!) who is wonderful and as Paton as eluded too, is now a major person in my life!! I would've 'gone under' without this doctor so definitely describe her as the most valuable resource for my pain management.

    I'm so pleased that you've now got a good pain clinic but also that you're posting positive comments about them. Due to the nature of this bloomin' chronic pain, many people don't get this experience or only share their negative views on here. It's definitely a 'give & take' treatment and can sometimes feel like you've been left to 'DIY' but there's method in that madness!! They can't move in with you and monitor your every move, medication, meditation & meltdown 😖 so with a little motivation we gather momentum to manage this mayhem!! 😊

    Keep up the positivity and keep us updated on how you're doing; have you looked in on the RA & Fibromyalgia community here on HU too? Another wealth of information and support.....


  • Once again chronic staff shortages lead to the complaints not the staff . I've been waiting to see the pain clinic psychologist for 8 months. She left and they didn't replace her until two weeks ago and now of course she has a huge backlog.

    They did give me an appointment with a psychiatrist for the elderly who confessed she didn't know what to do with me. It was funny at the time.


  • I wasn't aiming the complaints to any specific individual; it was a generalisation from when people have said that the Pain Clinic wasn't any good - mainly because they're told it's a lot of 'pain management' when they seemed to expect some invasive intervention.

    I apologise if it came across as targeting folk........


  • Have you tried actipatch to help with your pain? I use one when my arthritis flares up; I wear it day and night and really helps me get on top of my pain. You can get one to try from there website it doesn't last long but before you commit to buying one try it first. I found it more beneficial than a tens machine; plus there's no wires.

    Regular massages also help keep me working too; they also help reduce the stiffness and pain.

    I am glad you had a nice experience with the pain clinic; it's nice to hear you had someone who actually listen to what you had to say. They can't wave a magic wands and make the pain go; but getting advice can help too.


  • Hi Tanya

    I've started using ActiPatch this week. Varied results so far but I think that's more to do finding the 'sweet spot' as I've got pain in larger & different areas in my back. I've also got SIJ pain so have been trying to position it around that too but I find the band rides up & down; undies & leggings all over the place and that area gets so, so hot I end up in right mess!! 😕 I can't use tape to hold it in place as the sweat (too much info, I know) makes it lose its stickiness so I'm only using it whilst relaxing indoors at the moment! I agree that it's better than a Tens machine regarding the wires.

    I'm not giving up just get though; will persevere.....


  • Hi Rayjacy

    It's great to hear a nurse trying out alternative pain relief products. I use the loop one and use micropore tape rather than those plasters you get with it; these stick better and stay put a lot better. It is finding the best place to position it; once you find it interesting should give you some relief. I am glad your not giving up on it 😊

    I think when your in pain you will try anything and everything to give you relief from the pain.

    I have tried acupuncture which did help in the beginning unfortunately it's not as effective now.

    I do gentle yoga to help my joint pain which I found good for me it helps take my mind off the pain too.

    I hope you get the right place and you get some rest from your pain.

    Tanya x

  • Thank you for sharing your post and the picture. I see a little doll baby there. They are what makes the world go around. Sadly, I can't see mine anymore due to reasons beyond my control. I think my heart delights in the smile and laughter of a little one.

  • I am glad that you finally met with a doctor who treated you with respect and listened. I had a similar experience at the pain clinic I just started going to. The consultant and especially the Sister were so understanding and showed great empathy. Fortunately my GP also is very sympathetic and is willing to make home visits when my pain level is off the scale.

    Hope you are having a good day.


  • Mine me asking what is FMS? Sorry to hear about all you pain.

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