Amitriptyline is working....Yay..finally having better night sleep in years..cannot believe the difference this makes😊

Just wanted to update and share 2weeks in and feel quality and length of time asleep much first was waking with a headache..and thought oh no..but now after 2weeks, can feel the analgesic effect on my body aches...still need to have nerve root block but no appointments available, will continue with Amit for its sedative properties.

Sending Advent wishes to you all..


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  • Well done for sticking with it and glad it is helping


  • Hi BEA61

    I’m eils it’s lovely to hear that you are getting some sleep. There’s nothing better than a good nights rest. Good luck with the rest of your treatment 👍🏾😊

  • Hi hope the nerve root works for you I had it done and am a lot worst now since I had it done good luck

  • Hi Lizabeth..sorry your nerve root block has made pain worse...can i ask where on your body did you have the injection....and what meds you take now.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Bea61, pleased for you that the amytriptyline works. It did the opposite for me, it drove my legs insane so had to stop it. I had a nerve block and it just worked for 2 weeks, hope it works longer for you 😀

  • Hi Emma, sorry the amit didn't work for you...can i ask where on your spine you had the nerve hearing so many different views on this injection. What do you take now for your pain?


  • Hi Bea, I had a spinal op and it left me with no feeling in my left side. This resolved itself after 3 months but left me with excruciating back pain and horrible leg nerve pain. Got facet joint injections which established my suitability for nerve denervation. However my leg was so bad that he first wanted to sort that out with a dorsal root ganglion block. So the block was at the lowest part of the spine. It helped 100% for about 2 weeks but then it crept back in. It's still not like it was beforehand so am happy I went with it. Now waiting on the denervation. Fingers crossed. Where is your block going to be?

  • Hi Emma, i believe between he L3 and L4...was supposed to have my right knee replaced in June but that Consultant said this would be 'useless' without having treatment for marked scolosis as vertebrae were pressing on each other thats why i am keen to get the nerve block treatment carried out so another Consultant can get my knee done...feel like an old crock..was always active..played squash, always dancing and very i am a home bird and lost a lot of confidence and piles on stones of weight...but at least i still have a part time job although am very fatigued after a few hours and cannot sit for longer than 30mins at a time but have in work support and Access to work which without, i could no longer go to work...

    Hope you get your denervation appt more quickly than i am trying to get my appt...

    Bea x

  • Hi Bea, have the appointment through for the first of 2 denervations. It will be the 3rd of January. Like you I can not sit long at my desk. I get up after half an hour and lay down for a few minutes haha. Hope you get your appt soon.

  • Good Luck Emma..hope your appt works well for you and you are not in so much pain.

    Best wishes


  • Nerve root block, did not work for me , more PAIN

  • Hi Pauls..sorry to hear this..where did you have the injection? What do you take now for pain?


  • They t good knock me out

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