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Sensitive skin

Hi everyone, just wondering if any one has had the same and what is the cause. I have very sensitive skin in patches, it could be on my back for a few days (even having a tshirt on really hurts this) then the pain can go away but then a couple of days later it comes back but this time it can be my leg or arm that hurts the same way. It just keeps going like that, just curious to see if anyone else has had this.

Thanks for reading


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I have this mostly on my feet but feel it in my back, torso and legs, feels like I have no skin and my nerves are exposed, been using gabapentin and have just added Nabilone 3x a day, it calms it a bit but always there 24/7, it could the Lyme disease and or heavy metal toxicity, I'm treating both.


Google “allodynia”. Could it be that?


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