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Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone else experience worsening pain when they are stressed. Although I work in an office I'm currently extremely stressed & my back pain getting worse. Wondering if stress affects anyone else? Thanks

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  • Hello, yes I do find when I am stressed that my pain increases. It's hard not to get stressed as we seem to live in a stressful world. I try to relax as best I can to help me relax.


  • I guess I am just over thinking too much.

  • Stress causes yore muscles to tighten which in turn causes more pain


  • Definitely for me too, if your stressed it affects our nerves, this in turn makes our painful joints treble in pain, thus the stress gets worse, next thing your in a vicious circle.. Try breaking this cycle, do something you really enjoy, anything at all, relax and everything in your body will relax. For me, I just love my hot water bottle!!!!!

  • I know my work situation isnt going to improve so I have to make some adjustments

  • Worth seeing an Alexander Teacher. They can help you reduce pain when under stress. Alexander Teachers are very good for helping with back pain.

  • Yes pain can be the cause of stress, having experienced it myself and still do to some extent. I went for sessions which I learned to try and deal with it. I was told that my pain was the main cause of my stress, there was not much they could do. They told me to work on the pain as this was the main cause of my stress. I was told that Mindfulness was worth looking at, this is a way of getting round the pain and helps you relax your body.

  • Vicious circle, although we have to remember our pain is real. I view it sometimes as a form of panic. The thought of not being able to do the things we take for granted? As you say it maybe the time for some changes. I changed job, then reduced hours. If I worked a full week the stress was unbearable. We have to find time to look after ourselves as best we can. Hope things work out for you

  • Stress does increase pain,at least it is so for me. You need to try to find a way of relieving the stress,sometimes easier said than done. Working in a sedatory environment like an office is no good if you suffer from back pain as you also tend to sit for too long...good luck with trying to relieve your pain.

  • I'm looking for another job. Currently working a 9 hr day.

  • Hi there, I am with everybody else on here. Stress does make the pain worse and so does anger. I have been encouraged to go to mindfulness just like Jeffmet. At the moment I am just following relaxation techniques to try and deal with both as I do not want to end up in a vicious circle. Good luck with finding a new job.

  • stress will have you in pain at times but working in an office at a desk all day could possibly be doing more damage to you.

  • Thanks to everyone for their replies.

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