Pain spreading

Firstly, sorry for my absence I've been busy in work and struggling with my pain. As I said in my first post I've suffered with pain in my knees and hips but now it has started affecting my hands which has stressed me out a bit as I cannot work if I can't use my hands as I spend a lot time typing. I've spoken to my GP but he has told me it's nothing to worry about. But this hasn't stopped me worrying, has anyone else suffered the same thing?

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  • Hi lilcherub

    Sorry to hear you're in pain with your hands. As you spend a lot of time typing could you have RSI in your hands? You don't say if the gp has told you what the hip and knee pain is. If its arthritis then probablye its in your hands too. Wearing snug gloves in bed at night helps the circulation in your hands and stops pain being so bad next day. Hand an d wrist splints also help. Hope you find some relief.

  • Hiya, ummm they don't know what's wrong with me they've still not diagnosed me after 20 odd years of trying. I've tried splints but will look into the snug gloves thanks! x

  • Ask your GP if its worth being referred to rheumatology to rule out an inflammatory arthritis, especially if you have a family history of autoimmune disorders or rheumatoid or spondyloarthritis.

  • Hiya, I have seen several Rheumatolists and they have ruled out arthritis years ago. But thanks for the suggestions.

  • Have you seen a neurologist?

  • Hiya, no I haven't seen a Neurologist, my GP referred me to the pain clinic after the Orthopaedic surgeon & Consultants and Rheumatologists couldn't find out what was wrong with me.

  • This is something to worry about. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) can destroy your ability to work and earn a living.

    Unfortunately GPs know very little about muscle behaviour and function.

    You need to see an Alexander Teacher who can help you move better and by moving better eliminate or reduce the probability of getting RSI. Pain in the knees and hips can be caused by muscle tension and this muscle tension by means of spinal reflexes can cause problems in the hands.

    Hope this helps

  • Hiya John, thanks I will mention this to my GP although they have ruled out muscular problems. As for work I'm very lucky to very understanding bosses who tend to allow me time off as and when I need it to rest.

  • Unless the medical profession has clearly checked your muscles with their hands searching for tight muscles they would not know if you have muscular problems or not.

  • I have been thoroughly checked by medical professionals and they have ruled out my problem being muscular.

  • I think I need to explain.

    There is the disease part which is the diagnosis being given. The medical professionals have given you the reasons for the diagnosis and the various inflammation causes.

    They will not have checked for the muscular contributions to the problem. The muscular contribution does not fall into the remit of a rheumatologist or orthopaedic consultant.

    Most physiotherapists I know have no idea of the influence of spinal reflexes on muscular behaviour or of spinal reflexes on the amount of pain generated.

    I will stop at this point

  • Apologies, please don't think I'm dismissing your advice I will discuss what you have said with my GP but over the course of the last 22 years I have seen various specialists who have all ruled out my problems being caused by muscular problems.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    There is a difference between contribute to and caused by.

    When the body is healthy muscles can do all sorts of things and it would not affect the body. When there is a health disability the situation changes in that muscular actions which once caused no problem can now cause a problem.

    Here the muscular action does not cause the problem. However the muscular action contributes to the problem. There is now probably a need to change the muscular action that contributes to the problem.

    Hope this is a better explanation. My thinking is such second nature to me that I forget that other people would not necessarily follow what I am trying to get at.

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