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Foot pain could it be referred pain?

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I was wondering if anyone else suffers with painful feet?

I have had them X-rayed and scanned and both showed very little. I visited the orthodontist last week and they confirmed there is nothing wrong mecanically wrong with my feet. It has been suggested that my foot pain is a referred pain from my back problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

I am having my back denerved next week and really am hoping it cures my foot pain as I am desperate for some pain relief.

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hi I doubt this will be your problem but a few years ago I had pains in my foot for some time then boom I could hardly walk.turns out I had gout.just wondered if you been checked for it.

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Foxy07 in reply to kenster1

Thankful no gout 😁

Pain in feet could be gout or osteoarthritis. You need to go to see your gp if its bad. I have both. Good luck

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Xrayed showed a tiny amount of arthritis in left big toe that’s all. An MSK specialist told me last week that she’s certain it’s arthritis in both feet & hands. I don’t show any signs of enlarged lumpy joints so fingers crossed it’s not.

Yes Foxy I do, I'm guessing its arthritis, its particularly bad in big toe joint and underneath where I have hard skin and callouses, very painful, visit chiropodist 4 times a year. I have a recurring slipped disc and the pain in my left foot is definitely related to that, causing me sciatica on the affected side. I'm hoping to have a fusion soon and pray that it stops the pain in my foot, which is the outer part/side and heel and top left. Good luck to you in getting yours diagnosed

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Foxy07 in reply to Krawlins

Good luck with the fusion, I am having myL4,5 &6 denerved today & hope that will relieve the foot pain. If it doesn’t help at all with the foot pain that will prove it’s not referred pain.

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Krawlins in reply to Foxy07

And to you too, best Wishes, hope it offers some relief

i think its quite likely that the foot pain is a consequence of the back pain. Back pain can alter posture and gait. So you could be standing and moving in a way which puts your hips, legs ankles and feet out of alignment.

A good pilates class might help you discover the bad habits that your body has got into and show you how to rememdy them to an extent.

Unfortunately although your derevation might help the back pain you are likely to have built up poor postural and movement habits. You could ask your GP for a referral to physio but a quicker route is to go private.

I have had episodes of foot pain related to my back problems and the SI joint fusion that I had 2 years ago. I have to be really careful to be mindful of the way I walk, bend reach etc .


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Foxy07 in reply to deejames

Huge thanks for replying I think you are right after 6 years of agony brought on by herniated disks & trapped nerves I am desperate for an answer.

The orthotic clinic said last week that there is nothing mechanicaly wrong with my feet. I am getting my back denerved on Wednesday and really hope it cures my foot pain.

I will let you know how I get on.

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Foxy07 in reply to deejames


I am lucky in the fact I have a great physio who also runs Pilates classes.

3 Pilates sessions a week & a visit to the Mc timoney every 3rd week has helped keep me straight, it’s cost me a fortune but it does all help.

I hope you get some comfort soon as I’ve never heard anything good after a fusion.

Have you seen a podiatrist? where exactly is the foot pain?

My son has pain in the bottom of his heels and finally a podiatrist figured out that he had fat pad atrophy, which is usually found in old people, but because my son has a connective tissue disorder he got it a lot younger. But it is totally different from my foot pain which is like Krawlins. I have just had a silastic implant because I refused to have a fusion and I am really happy with it.

Gosh your poor son, so young and already suffering. I think my problem is somthing so simple it’s been overlooked for years.

Good luck I hope someone can help your son.

Hi I am in a similar position. I have chronic severe foot pain in both feet for years. Had to give up nursing two years ago and have been searching for a cause for the past two years. No luck as of yet. Bought many an expensive pair of custom made orthotics, but still suffering. Mri of feet showed up nothing. Mri of spinal discs showed nothing. Now I had an mri of lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints. They're fine too but I was told yesterday that I have some osteoarthritis in facet joints of lumbar spine. Rheumatologist recommended I get injection into facet joints. I do have some pain in my back and hips and kneed, but my feet are the worst.

Does anyone think my pain in my feet could be coming from my back ? I find if hard to believe since my back is only bad occasionally and mg feet are in agony all the time. It's a complete mystery. I have seen every specialist and this is my last option. I really do need to get back to work.

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Foxy07 in reply to 5ba8xter

Hi apologies for my very slow response, I have been having weekly b12 injections and after 4 months the nerve pain has eased. I am no longer kept awake by the burning and pins and needles in my feet. The pain has also eased in my hands it is such a huge relief. Sadly it hasn’t cured the brain fog and memory loss and I suffer with terrible fatigue even after my b12 jabs. I would recommend asking your Doc to check you b12 serum levels - useable b12. Good luck xx

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Milkbottles in reply to 5ba8xter

This may come out of the blue as your post was 2 yrs ago? Reading yr post is so so similar to my health story, 15 yrs of chronic sciatica in both legs and feet. The feet is unimaginable. Cut a long story short MRIs on spine and feet show nothing wrong, have seen lots of different Consultants and had every treatment imaginable. Take lots of opioids throughout the day. Have now established the pain is because of Piriformis Syndrome (muscle in buttocks) that are solid around the sciatic nerve in both legs, causing the pain to travel down the legs and into feet. Currently having osteopathy to see if he can relax the muscle however, with so many years of being solid it is hard to retrain the muscle. Notice that it is helping with foot pain. Just because MRIs are clear doesn’t mean to say that there is nothing wrong. Hope you are having success.

Some foot conditions come and go like gout. If your feet swell particularly in tbe joints or bottom of the feet it could be this. It is only detectable by blood test during an attack. I would think for the pain to be refferred the pain would travel down the sciatic nerve down the back of your leg. Keep going back to your gp as you could be having tendon issues which need the help of a podiatrist or orthotist. Go when it hurts so if its gout it shows. Good luck.

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