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Oxycontin failure

Hi all- just wondering if anyone on opiates has experienced this phenomenon?

I take oxy 10 twice a day and oxynorm 5 between doses to fill the gap when the Contin doesn't work.

I have found recently that the evening dose of Contin doesn't seem to work unless I take Paracetamol (Acetaminophen ) with it. This only occurs with the nighttime dose- not during the day. I can't seem to relate it to any dietary experience or indeed any cause at all. It has me worried. I actually will wake up half an hour after taking the dose and be suffering awful withdrawal effects ( shaking , restless body , hungry stomach etc) and have to take 500 mg Paracetamol for relief.

Any ideas?

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I take 40 and 10s. But can only ask what time are you waking is it the same amount of time between taking 10 to taking 5?

Is it worth taking paracetamol before going to bed to see if it stops the cycle.? If not go to gp and ask but try not to increase dose. They are nasty tabs to take xx


Thanks for answering, Sally.

I take Oxycontin 10 at 1pm and 11pm. I take Oxynorm 5 at 8 am. It is only with the 11pm dose that I have any problems. I don't take Paracetamol at the same time if it's not necessary- but , as I have described, I have had issues a number of times.

If I take Para continuously - I am effectively increasing the opiate dose- Para is an opiate potentiator. That would indicate Tolerance.

I cannot relate this to anything in particular , and am experimenting with diet etc. I am unable to find any references to opiate inhibitors (other than chemical )on the internet.

My doctor will have nothing to do with opiate prescribing and refers me to the Pain consultant- costing €150 a pop. (But, who has described me as "opiate responsible " !!)

Anyway- I reckon I know as much , if not more , than he does about opiate medication.

I am concerned that I am becoming tolerant to opiates- but why on only one part of the cycle?

Is it food related?

Should I take a holiday from opiates- and what would the alternatives be? Gabapentin?- or would Tramadol be enough of a change?

I know I'm on a very low opiate dose- but do not want to put a foot on the slippery slope that is Oxycontin overuse.

You are all being very quiet!🙊

I know some of you have travelled this road as well. I'm not afraid of any adverse comments- so just dive in!😢



One thought - as you take them at 11pm and 1pm you have a longer gap after the 11pm dose which could be why it isn’t lasting.

Maybe try 11am and 11pm? Then you’d have a 12 hour gap between both doses.

You will become more tolerant to opiates, that’s just the way it works and one of the problems with using them for chronic pain.

All the best.

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Btw tramadol can help in other way. I use it with my OXY as trans help with the nerve pain more than OXY. Try and ask about it. As you are on a low dose of OXY, you could try tramadol and it could work out for you...

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Do you take para with your dose?


Hi. I understand your fear. I have struggled to get my dose under control. Actually, I only just went up to 60mg last night after 40mg stopped working after 2 years. The raise in dose has not helped me. Maybe you are just having a flare up right now? Maybe iam too....

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I feel for you both. I take paracetamol as well. I was on zomorph but as the dose crept up slowly but surely I was changed to oxy!! Started on 10 and within 6 wks was up to 140 a day!! Constipation is horrendous literally '!! As is depression and pain is horrific! I've forgotten what pain free means. And that's honest. Stomach colic is awful. Amitriptyline 110 a day too. I hope you can work out a regime that stops that middle of the night hitch.but sadly as I know sleep is very hard to get xx

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There is a product called laxido that will help you go whatever you are on. Unlucky for took a while to get it and I had to experience all of the disgusting things you do when you can't go! These days I feel more lucky to have this medication to help me go.

The anti depre route for pain never worked for me. That is good for you if that helps you over narcotics!


Sadly no they don't work for me at all. I was just saying what crap I'm on. I didn't find laxdo work. I've been drinking 8 movicol in a litre of water for five days. 15mg lactose and 2 senna daily. Had 2 trips to ane in ambulance and one xrays which showed the enemas that they gave were no good as my right side is huge and compacted and all the way to top left.

Finally it moved last Friday now I have had runs for 6 days on a run. Can't believe the pain I was in and worse was bringing some up!! All these tablets are doing this and it's just so wrong xx


Omg....I'm so sorry to hear it never worked! I would never have been able keep taking this drug if it didn't work. What you talk about is very serious. I can't imagine how

You felt about it mentally either. Did you actually have to have a dr remove this for you ? It sounds awfu.


When you say bringing some up are you talking about vomit of you know what?


oh sally i feel for you i really do have you thought about glycerine suppositories for the constipation before it get so severe you need a n e . And jake please see your dr again to tell him things are not going well for you ,as others have said you are far too young to have to go through this level of pain


Hi there, I take Oxycontin 20Mg modified release twice a day, morning and at bedtime, I also take Oxynorm 5mg tablets 4 times per day with paracetamol and Amitryptelene, it helps but doesn't totally take away my pain. I have been taking this for 16 years now and am still attending Hospital. Paracetamol increases the the painkilling ability of Oxynorm and Oxycontin, My GP told me to take Paracetamol with both medications up to a maximum of 8 paracetamol per day. if it works keep taking it and good luck


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