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Pain Management


I'm off to see the doc tomorrow about pain management. I need to do something as it brings me down, inspires the depression to bring tears and horrid, black thoughts.

I have Arthritis in my wrists, thumbs, feet, back and now I've been told I'm at risk for hip arthritis.

I'm taking Tramadol,(now under the name, Marol 100mg modified-release tablets (Teva UK Ltd)). Should be 2 a day but take 4. Along with paracetamol and neproxin, but it ain't enough. Also, cod liver, and glucosamine, calcium and vitamin C.On top of this there's pills for Diverticulitis and Depression.

My main concern is this is it as far as pain relief go's. I'll get a big no more.

Two yrs ago I was on morphine, but I was zombiefied.

I think my target is to see someone higher up to give it to me straight about pills etc..

Has anyone been through similar?

Thanks :)

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No experience but sending you some vibes that all goes well x


I have been taking duloxetine for about a year now but no side effects to report


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