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ive been on pregablin for about 5 years now,for neck and back pain i honestly never knew thay made me puton weight untill i read these forums because i was only about 8 anda half stone then i shot up to 10 stone now 12 stone ive realy got a big belly iand i kept wandering why this wasbecause ive never ever been fat but im suffering crhonic pain so what other painkillers can i take when i told my dr its through pregablin was the cause of all my weight gain thay looked at me as though i came from a diffrent planet .i went to a hospital pain clinic as soon as i told them about the weight gain,thay have adviced my drs to take me off of pregablin for some other pain killers carnt rember the name of the pain killers but the hospital as prescibed them.hopefully thay will ease my pain and stop this weight im only 5foot you can see why im worried

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It is such a difficult thing but I am given to understand that there are several pain killers in the same catagory as pregablin. I am on Tegratol and find it works reasonably well. My Doctor suggested I change to Pregablin but with some research I have decided to stay with where I am. Both actually do not assist with weight loss and I permanently battle the pounds. Is pregablin your main reason for weight gain or are you like me increasingly more in active so do not burn as many calories. It is very difficult when we cannot leap about anymore.. I hope you choose wisely good luck do let me know how it goes. xgins

Ask your gps about counterweight. Its a lifestyle weightloss programme that is specifically designed for you. There is a medical advisor, it lasts about a year, but you can carry on afterwards. It matches your food intake to your lifestyle, and combines units which you can mix and match during the day. It also builds in some exercise, even if its just lifting tin cans while watching tv.

I have a daily intake of the following units 7 carbs, 3 veg, 3 fruit, 4 protein, 2 fat. Each unit is a certain weight, so a pork chop may be 2 protein, which leaves me one to have at another meal. I now have 4 small meals a day, breakfast, lunch, fruit, dinner. I've found it easier to have a fruit salad and yogurt mid afternoon. There are some treat allowances, so you don't have to miss out on anything. And you don't have to make anything different if you cook for a family.

I started in March and I've lost 10lb. Its a slow process, but you will be amazed at how much you are over eating without realising. Theres plenty food, I struggled eating it all until I started having the fruit and yogurt in the afternoon.

You get a folder with topics which discuss your attutide to food, exercise and you make targets, like I will walk for 20 mins twice a week, them the next time you might increase that to 3 times a week or 30 mins twice a week.

You really do have total control over what you want to do and how you do it. One of my things from the last session was not to sit longer than 30 mins, but to get up and move even if its just to stand up and stretch. Or I could stay sitting and do a few leg lifts, and arm raises.

Although the food weighing is a bit tedious to begin with, once you know the quantities its not too bad and its quite interesting learning about your attitudes and where they came from. And breaking habits too. I caught myself buying a choc bar because this was what I did when I walked the children up the hill home. Wasn't thinking about buying one, was just a habit.

I know theres not alot you can do about weight gain from meds but I'm sure even eating healthily and specifically for you may minimise the weight gain.

my husband has been on medication for mental health for some time which caused him to gain weight. A pharmacist friend explained that some medications alter the metabolism and others make you hungry so you eat more. But without the tablets life would be unbearable (for all of us concerned). So he, who loves food, has worked really hard over the past year at eating more fruit and veg and less sugar and fat. I am in charge of portion control and we don't buy biscuits anymore. We only have pudding at weekends and special occasions. It's OK to indulge sometimes though.

He is lucky in that he is pretty physically fit and cycles to work, but even some exercise is better than no exercise, even if it means standing up and pottering about when you can. He's lost 2 stone and is still on the tablets but he has taught himself to think differently about a lifetime of eating habits.

I hope your new pills are successful.

hele22 Pregabalin my wife was told by GP weight gain nothing to do with your medication then we went to the Royal saw the specialist who confirmed this drug did cause weight gain, my wife was just over 10 stone when she started on pregabalin in 3 months she was 12 1/2 stone, she stopped and is now back to 10.1 stone. Just stop the pregabalin the weight also does you harm. jack

Hi I have the same problem but I don't know what drug is causing my weight gain I guess it could be pregabalin but I have been on it for 12 years so far and I have only just been aware of uncontroled weight gain. I am also on so many drugs a concoction that I really can't work out which one, I think also as we get bigger the weight has a profond effect on how we can cope as the weight causes more problems with activity and so I have reduce my intake of caleries to between 1000 to a max of 1500 which they say will reduce anybodys weight so far still no good and of course when you look at everything you eat as calories life begins to be pretty crap as where is the enjoyment in than.

Its a question of how one loses weight when you can hardly drag yourselve throught the day let alone exercise, (whats that again).

is the weight due to fluid retention as i seem to be having problems with swollen feet and i have been on the same since march

I to have been on Pregalin for over two years for spinal stenosis by the hospital my weight went on very quickly i only have to look at food and it piles on i had lost three stone at weight watchers had to stop working full time as my back could not take it now i am four and a half stone heavier now through taking these tablets i am going back to the doctors this week don't want to take them any more


Hi! Just came across this thread when searching for pregabalin withdrawal posts. I'm just starting to come off them and have also gained a lot of weight in the 5 years Ive been taking it. I'd be interested to hear whether coming off it did help you go back to a normal weight afterwards?

Louise x

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