Please let me know ? Thank you in advanced x

Hi everyone hope your all well... just a quick question really please if you don't mind? I have had sciatica since March this year backache too and I have put in for pip payments..... just wondered if anyone else has had payments after having sciatica back pain for 8 months and had payments please? In so much pain nothing helps not even tramadol xx

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  • PIP is not about any conditions you have but how much help you need on a day to day basis.

    Have you received and completed the forms yet?


  • Hello thank you so much for your quick response :-).... yes I have filled out sent off been for assessment just waiting for a decision now it's been awhile now xx

  • Aha. Sooo patience. Lot of it!


  • Haha ok thank you x

  • Hi Genna 1.

    It's really about not what you have got but how it effects your day to day living.

    Take Care.


  • Thank you drm take care xx

  • Don't know about PIP but sciatica can improve with time. Have you seen any physical a therapists for advice ?

    My daughter who is 44 has had sciatica for 6 months but it is improving with exercise and care. She goes to a Hydro therapy pool and is working on stregthen ing her core muscles to protect against further episodes.


  • I have sciatica have suffered with this for years I have radio frequency this is done in theatre by the pain clinic and you are awake through the procedure, the first time I had this done I was pain free for 2 years.

    Like the others say its about how sciatica effects your daily living I know sciatica is very painful and can be debilitating

  • I can't see it going anytime soon ..... but have to wait and see its getting me down really bad if I'm honest xxx

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