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Hi went to a pain specialist today who delt with pain simulator which I was hoping for in my back after looking at my back he said no, to the simulator because my back is in a permanent spasm from top to bottom, he has refereed me to a bone skeletal therapist. I asked him if it was physio as I have had 3 differed physios and none could help calming my back down , was wondering if any of you have been to a skeletal specialist and what do they do . One hour after my had my appointment with the pain specialist I have a phone call for a appointment to go in as soon as possible and it's not cheap he said it was $295 for a hour , just wondering what's so special about this appointment , thanks for any help cheers .

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Maybe I am suspicious, but highly skilled practitioners usually do not have an immediate opening. But maybe he/she had a cancellation or felt you were in crisis so made an exception?


Just wondering Lorna-Dione 18 if you live in Australia,only because things seem to get done a lot quicker here


No, US. So I often can get quick appts., if needed, with right referrals.


My wife had a back spasm condition that was caused by an auto accident. Therapeutic massage helped a great deal. But what worked for her was acupuncture not from a chiropractor but a doctor of oriental medicine. They are extensively trained to work with the whole body. Hope you find something that works

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Has your wife back spasms resolved now , or do she still have the treatment, .iv tried acupuncture but a couple of times the spasms were pushing the needles out , or I just couldn't feel them so I gave up 😫


When she first saw the acupuncturist she treated her twice a day for five days many needles. She was a little better right away but over the next two weeks she greatly improved. The first I took her in two to three times a year. Now she is okay but needs yearly treatment at least. It is not easy to find a qualified acupuncturist as some chiropractors take a one or two day seminar so they can say they can do acupuncture and place two or three needles a truly qualified person will place many from your head to your feet Front and back so as to treat the symptoms AND the things causing the symptoms. Not everyone responds to it but in our case my wife had no quality of life then she came back to life to the active vivacious personality she was before. Take care


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