Shoulder pain

Revisited gp today re shoulder pain, good news my bp has gone down. However the shoulder pain is so bad and on examination she decided to refer me f or x ray and said I may need a steroid injection. In the meantime I'm to take ibuprofen which /I normally have to avoid because of asthma, but as I don't get an asthma attack and the reaction is just sleepiness and dizziness I'm ok to take it. I didn't know that shoulder pain could cause tingling down the spine and pain in certain points on the spine on light pressure. Has anyone else found this or do you know possible causes?

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  • Glad to here your bp is down, that must be a relief for you. But sorry to hear about the shoulder. Anything that is disrupting the neck or shoulder could be causing pain or other problems further down the line. I had what I thought was a problem with my shoulder so my GP referred me to physio, and it turned out it was actually a problem in my neck. Exercises to improve the function of my neck stopped my shoulder from hurting.

    Have you had physio on your shoulder yet? Physio might work and so avoid a steroid injection.

  • Thank you. Oh, it is good the neck exercises worked. that is interesting I will ask if that would help me too. I do get a creaky neck, my boyfriend said it is crepitus. One gp agreed and said was because of the vitamin D deficiency.

    I haven't had physio but that definitely sounds better than having the injection. thanks again x

  • It is better to try the least invasive thing first!

  • Agreed 😀

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