Cannibis and Chronic myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia

I would like to connect with other people who have the above conditions and use Cannibis products to help with pain. We had an appointment at the Woltan centre and were strongly suggested to go for the pain management program, due to living in Wales we must get a referral and get through the health board first........again. The specialist apologised that he could offer nothing at the appointment as we had already exhausted all medications that could be tried for the conditions ( Have been through 29 different medications over the past year) He did say that anti depressants work somewhat and the only other thing he could recommend was mostly illegal. Cannabis. Dan has been consuming marajuana for years and believe this has helped keep the condition at bay until 2 years ago. We have obtained cbc oil (oral drop form) and continuing with the other Cannibis as well. Problem is cost and how much he requires to help with the pain. The stress of it all becomes overwhelming at times. I know others must be living with this as well and would like to connect to see if there is anything else to try.

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  • I'm in Wales and I'm under a pain management specialist too? I don't have fibromyalgia but have a permanent severe chronic pain condition since fracturing my sacrum three years ago. Whilst my dr at the clinic is wonderful, he explained that there are so many steps we have to go through medication wise first before he can refer me to any other clinic or pain support group. Only once you've exhausted all the medication options can I have any group therapy or counselling. This is frustrating as I'd love some kind of counselling to help me cope with the life I have now since having all this pain. No one has ever mentioned Cannabis in any form to me except my daughter who's a pharmacist but I would give anything a go (hate smoking tho so would have to be a liquid of some kind) Where do you get yours from and is it legal?

  • Amazon has the drops if you put Cannibis or hemp in search it should come up. Ours came from Netherlands at £67. Legal to buy as no THC. The other one we do not obtain legally, I take the risk as I know without it Dan would more than likely commit suicide as he can not handle the pain and what we are all going through.

  • Can I join in please Wulfen1329 as you are talking about something very close to my heart. CBD, thc and Cannabis!

    I would be very wary of buying from Amazon as the cheaper the oil the less essentials it has in it. It is often the extra oils in the mix which carry as much benefits. Unfortunately with people hving little money these days it can be tempting to buy cheap.

    My husband suffers chronic pain due to a severe spinal trauma donkey's ago and now has associated conditions. As research now shows...conventional strong meds don't work after a certain length of time. So everyone looking for alternatives.

    We live in the Canary Islands where Cannabis is not illegal but does have a few restrictions on growing.and use.

    We have a research Doctor from the Uni here who makes up capsules bespoke to a persons needs. So far David has trialed 3...2 disastrous but one very successful. I completely understand your husband's need for thee med..


  • I'm intrigued by this: "research Doctor from the Uni here who makes up capsules bespoke to a persons needs".

    Is it bespoke on the basis of strains of cannabis or according to dosage or both, may I ask?

  • Yes of course ITYFIALMCTT. I think it is a bit unfair of me to post this as very few people have legal access to Cannabis in its natural form.

    I don't know about the strains but you may know different varieties have different effects.

    He bases it on how much CBD and now much thc. It is also very important which oil he adds to the basic mix. They play a very important part in any reaction. Chill, lavender etc. He had 2 long consultations with David and went through all his conditions, drugs etc.


  • That is amazing. I hope that the researcher publishes this at some point as it will make for very interesting reading. I'd read about the different effects of various varieties but never of the base oil.

  • I will ask him

    Of course much of what he does is trial but hopefully not to much error.

    One oil which may work well for 99 people has adverse reaction from the oneth. Hence David trialed 3 different creations based on Doctor's knowledge.


  • I get mine from a cannabis pharmacist in South Africa. It's also made up in a capsule for me with the strain and strength I need for my condition. The HTC is the important part. It works hand in hand with the cannabinoid. You won't find it on Amazon though and it's illegal here. Sadly, this is one time when 'it's not what you know, but who you know'.

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