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I've had 3 Back Operations

Hi. I've had spine surgery. It certainly isn't something to rush into. But without it I'd still be stuck indoors. I had a slipped disc while pregnant. After a battle with physio acupuncture and lots of meds. They did a diskectomy. Twice! Finally years later an Allograft, taking bone from hip and jamming in disc space. I'm up and working and nobody can see I'm still in pain. Thanks to my meds. But nowhere near as bad as 13 years ago. So dont give up. Follow the medication guidelines. Talk with your Dr and have regular medication reviews. As people forget bodies change and so does pain. Good luck

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Hi Nicolojo,

I have had 2 spinal surgeries, the 1st about 19- 20 years ago, the 2nd 13 years ago. Unfortunately the pain has been steadily worsening over the past few years (although it has never actually gone below around a score of 5-6). And I am, of course, getting older. I have significantly reduced mobility and need a scooter outside. And standing is painful too. It is great that you are able to work and your meds seem to be working for you. That is really great. Long may it continue!


Thank you 😁


I've spinal issues too. Won't go into it all but been told by three spinal surgeons there is nothing they can do for me. I've been in Fentanyl and others for 6 years now and still work etc despite the pain. It's groups like this that can help me at times to push on. Right now one of my weaker discs has slipped out as they do frequently and I can barely walk. Had this since I was 27. we all got to stay strong but it sure gets hard at times.


Keep going, remember all the real bad days and see how far you've come. Pain isn't visual and nobody knows how it feels until it's you. I did try the patches, but didn't work for me. I wish I could do the gym and swim more. But feel lucky to be upright and active. 😁


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