Rough day

Not having a good as day , as everything from my little fingers to my toes are giving me grief at the mo and I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable or block out the pain, none of my meds have helped so just led her watching Netflix or trying to, but even worse I hope 7 more days until I get my cosentyx injections and I don't think I can last that long,especially as I have to drive to Gloucester hospital for an appointment at 9am the day b4 I get my delivery,all I say is if your planning on driving to glos on the 7 th around 9am change your plans if you can as you should avoid being on the rd at the same time as me at all costs 🙈😩😂

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  • I often wonder how people manage to drive when they're in a flare or similar.

    Have you had a referral to a pain clinic?

  • No been seeing rheumatology consultant for 12 yrs and been prescribed every medication going but never be referred to pain clinic 😥

  • That's a long time tho' I've no idea if you've been relatively well-controlled until recently.

    Does your GP know that you're in this state? I wonder if it's well worth your time discussing a referral to a pain clinic with your GP and also your rheumatologist. Your pain in not under control so it might be helpful to have a pain specialist review your case.

  • Hope you have a better day today



  • Hi TKLOVE, sorry to hear your feeling rough, but had to laugh at your warning about the road on the day you go to hospital. Don't drive so no problem there. Hope you soon find some releif for the pain, but guess words can't really hack it as I know as a fellow sufferer. Best Wishes.

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