My leftside of heart is having so much pain...

Hii.. My husband at night press slowly until it presure my heart. He is doing it almost every night when I am in deep sleep. Now it's hurting so badly and I almost can't move my right hand and a sharp pain in my heart... What do you think I should do... Plz help me.

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  • Why is he doing this to you?

  • I don't know... Honestly. Can you tell me what should I do??

  • Tell him to stop, or get away from him before he does you serious damage.

  • I'm assuming that you've discussed this with your husband and that he's refused to answer?

    Does he deny that he does this? Or attempt to laugh it off as insignificant?

    Does this pressure wake you up from your deep sleep? Do you have bruising or other marks?

    If he won't answer you or acknowledge the harm, you need to gather support from your friends and family very quickly including assessing whether he can go and stay elsewhere or you can..

    You need to make an urgent appointment with your GP and possibly a solicitor, depending on whether your not your husband acknowledges what he's doing and makes a realistic plan to stop this.

  • Yes you are right..sometime he said don't worry this pain will go away. No I don't have any bruises or any other mark but he many other things which I can't he make his penis germed before come to sex I realize it many times.. And always trying to put in tension... one thing I was never healthy enough when I started living with him. For few family issues I can't live him... And I have to stay with him.

  • Can you go to a hospital?

    Is there a hospital near to you?

    Do you think you should seek medical help?

    If you have sharp pain in heart and cannot move right hand - then you MUST go to hospital.

    How do you feel now ?

    Do you have young children? Could you take them with you.

  • Is this accidental ? Is he rolling over in his sleep?

    Is it , as you seem to suggest, deliberate?

    How are you feeling this morning?

  • Have you asked your husband why he does this and let him know that it is painful and ask him to stop. I have had costochronditis before. This is an inflammation of the chest wall. It is very painful. Your chest and upper back hurt horribly. When I first found out I was so afraid I had a heart problem. Dr told me that people go to the ER thinking they are having a heart attack. A war bath or heating pad on back and chest helped me a lot, along with Aleve for the inflammation. Keep us updated.

  • First thing is make sure your husband does not know you are asking help/advise on this website--make sure to always log off. Second find a friend or trusted family member you can talk to about what he is doing. Third is to contact your doctor or perhaps a nurse that can discuss this with you (I think a female nurse might be the best bet). Ask the nurse to please stay involved in your situation. This may be something the authorities need to get involved with. Keep us involved with your situation.

  • I understand.

  • Like everyone else is saying you need NO you MUST Get HELP


    YOU MUST LEAVE. WE just want you to BE SAFE.

  • husband got a job... He was out for three days.. I got chance to take care of me... My pain hasn't gone completely.. But much better than before. He will be back tonight.. As you all said.. I talk to my family.. And few friends about it. They all said to leave him...but I can't leave him now...

  • Also I know he is killing me inside.. I have decided to talk to him again..about all this nonsense activities. But I don't know how to start.. What to tell so that he stop.

  • Sarada, what country do you live in?

  • Why can't you leave Sarada?

    Why can't you leave now?

    Do you have children?

    Do you have other family who live there with you?

    Do you need somewhere to go to stay?

  • This number is a National helpline in the UK:

    0808 2000 247

    press option 1 to speak to someone anonymously or press option 3 to hear a recorded message of how to get support.

    Support is confidential.

  • No dear.. I love him and I think we need to talk about it... I was quite arrogant sometimes.. May be because of anger he do it.

  • So do you think it was deliberate ? And whilst you slept?

    Or was it an accident?

    Did he roll over on to your chest as he slept also?

  • I have a faith that once he will know that it is injured me badly he will stop

  • How will he know? If you go to hospital to have your injury looked at by a doctor and treated - then he will know.

  • I still think you should go to the hospital to be seen. Or at least see a doctor or medic where you are.

  • Hii Mary.. Yesterday I have seen doctor and doctor told me that the bone chest has been injured because of presure... It will take 5-6weeks to get over with pain completely... I said it to my husband and he seems very caring and careful about my chest.. Yesterday we slept together but he didn't do anything yet. But he understood I have really bad pain in my chest...

  • And also he understood that I know what he have done with me...

  • Hello Sarada

    How are you ?

    Hope you are well.

    Love, Mary

  • Hii all my well wishers friends... I am glad you all showed me what I need to do... I want to update as you asked for... I saw doctor... My husband seems very caring and careful about my chest pain... Yesterday he was very good with me...let's see tonight. I believe he is very sorry about what he have done and he will never do it again. Finger cross.

  • Tell us how it goes tonight. :)

  • It is so good to hear from you Sarada.

    I did not see this reply till just now at 9.45pm in UK. Or I would have replied sooner. I did check earlier today as I was thinking of you and wondering how you are.

    Keep in touch.

    Lots of Love



  • Sarada, how is it now? Has he done anything else? Is your chest getting better?

    Please let us know how you are?

    Sending love x

  • Sarada I thought you had said things were better you really need to think what happening If your are not sure about your pain you need to see a doctor. And get some help. And I am saying move on so that you are safe. Your the only one who can do it. Let me know what happens.

  • Ssdw1958, I'm afraid you've hit the button to reply to me (above) rather than Sarada? I'm not sure she'll get a notification you've commented? xx

  • Good Morning

    What is the weather like where you are?



  • Hi Mary the weather here in Massachusetts USA it's getting cool at night about 50*F in the afternoon btwn

    70*--80*F what is it where you are. But this is New England it

    Can change in a minute.

  • Sara we have corespondent England before like I said before you need to get your self to a safe place what he is doing to you is wrong. You have to save your self. Your the only one who can do it.

  • Hi ssdw

    So you are not affected by the bad storms/hurricanes , that's good to know.

    We had some winds over night, (South Wales UK) but nothing serious.

    Trusting Sarada's ok where she is.

  • Sarada I have been worried about her she needs to get away from him.

    About the weather we may get some rain from hurricane Irma this weekend but not as bad as down south. Bu there is another storm in the Atlantic Ocean its name is Jose I hope he stays out in the Ocean.

    Good night for now

  • Hi Mary I know you have been in contact with Sarada I believe she doesn't have children and I know I was harsh with her and I shouldn't have been. Has she replied to you because we had been corresponding than she just stopped I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But where ever she is she does have internet so she can't be off the grid. I hope she is alright.

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