Burning Feet.

Help is badly needed. I have burning soles of feet every day and night. My evening is spent sitting with my feet in a bowl of cold water in order to relax, during the day I just have to walk. I have looked on line but am not very good with computers so cannot find what I want.

I have tried cutting out caffeine and am taking Magnesium and Iron tablets, what else can I do ?

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  • See your doctor! x

  • Agreed.

    I do use bio freeze which helps.

  • I was just going to say try Magnesium as this worked for me!

  • Burning in your feet, hands, legs and/or arms can be a neurological symptom of B12 Deficiency.

    Could it Be B12 Deficiency ? An Epedemic of Misdiagnosis,

    (book by Sally Pacholok and Jeffrey Stuart,) a must have for every family.

  • Thank you coastwalker, I am booked in for a B12 injection next week. will let you know what happens then

  • Could it be Neuropathy?

    I would definitely see my GP if this were me. Isn't it about time you had NHS referals to specialists.

    I Googled 'burning pain on soles of feet' and several sites came up. Seems there is some good information on the net. Wikipedia was interesting. Unlike my phone, my lap top isn't Google dedicated (if that's the right word - probably not) . So if on my laptop I have to ask for Google first and then search. If I don't, then I don't always get good results.

    Have you been tested for diabetes recently?

    If your GP is doing your B12 injection, why not mention it.

    But, personally, I would make an appointment just to ask about this. We can get same day appoinments at our practice given out over the phone or at reception from 8.30 am. So I usually go and queue a little earlier to guarantee success.

    Hope you get a diagnosis.


  • ps

    May I ask, why are you taking the iron tablets? Do you have Iron Deficiency Anemia?

    What were your latest blood test results?

  • Hi Mary. I have been including the iron tablets as I was told it helped my problem to have a little extra iron. I have complex conditions caused by having Pseudomyxoma, my Pancreas does not work properly and I do not have a spleen or gall bladder. I have headaches most days caused by nerves at the top of my spine, this is why I try and not to have to be kept awake at night by hot feet. The past three days I have left the iron off and cut out any codeine, it is helping a little also next week I have a B12 injection. Thank you for your interest, I am trying hard to help myself solve these problems.

  • Hi Clouting. I admire your spirit. It is so sad though that we have to search hard and struggle to find ways of solving our symptoms. It seems so difficult (and such a lengthy procedure) to even attempt to get fully diagnosed by GP s and hospital.

    I asked about the iron as, although it sounds like the burning is part of your neuropathy , I know someone who once was told they had 'high iron'. I was quite alarmed to read that this can cause 'rusting up' (oxidation? ?) Of the arteries. So wondered if there may be a compromised circulation 'input' as well as neuropathy. Whatever our diagnosis though it seems that we have to find the best practical ways to help ourselves. The same person who had the high iron a while back has since been diagnosed with femoral artery occlusion and also peripheral neuropathy . The foot sensations (different symptoms from yours) being accredited to the neuropathy caused by the lumbar discs all being worn.

    Hope your foot pain settles and let's you catch up on sleep .



  • Thank you Mary. I hope to go out this evening but my feet are playing up today. I have just had a paddle and hope for the best.

  • I read your paragraph about your burning soles I have something similar to what you are experiencing the soles of my feet feel like pins are pocking me some nights. They hurt so bad I can't sleep. I even try to sit up and press my feet on the floor. That doesn't work either. During the day I will keep my shoes on so that I have the pressure from them some times it work but not all the time I have spasms my Dr put me on Baclofen that didn't work it just made my legs to weak

    It is just so frustrating have you found anything that works if you do please let me know and I will do the same

    Good luck



  • Hi Sandra, I forgot to mention I find it helps at night I I keep a bowl of cold water in the shower and go for a paddle.

  • Hi Sandra. I have come off caffeine as much as possible also I hav e stopped taking any codeine but only this week, so far so good. I was suggested I had vitamin B so am having the injection next week. I have been able to sit in the evening this last two nights, also I find it is worse when I am very tired, alas I am nearly 82 so get more tired. good luck.

  • Thanks for the insight my feet do feel better when I am in the shower really but lately my feet have not been hurting that. Bad. You see I live in Massachusetts and it has been getting cooler here like this morning it was as low as 50*F , so I think it does have a lot to do with the temperature. The thing is that I hate the cold weather, because I also have Raunards that's when your extramaties can turn purple not a good thing.

    Stay warm


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