Sore lips after using lip balm

hey guys, so I've been using a lip balm since the start of this year and everything seems great about the product until recently. I realised that my lips were more dry even with the use of lip balm and my lips seem to be in a bad shape. I began to develop really dry skin on my lips especially the upper lip, dry flaky skin and it's hard and pain to the touch. There are also small bumps, ulcer-like on my lip. I've since stopped using it but the symptoms doesn't seem to be going away. Has anyone experience this before? Like being allergic to lip products? And should I be seeing a doctor, since I'm not sure if it's serious? Thank you!


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  • I had some friends who used to get that rash thing around the lips, but it was because they were almost constantly licking their lips without realising they were doing it.

    If you think you need to see a doctor then do it, even just to put your mind at ease.

  • alright thank you 😊

  • you could always check with the pharmacist first. If it was me i'd go straight to the doctor or nurse as you dont want to leave it to get worse. Has anyone else ever used your lipbalam? Im sure they havent but its just a thought, lets hope you get this sorted soon as sore lips spoil your eating drinking talking, I would stop using this product also if it was me, wishing you welllove grace xoxoxo

  • My daughter tells me that once you start using lip balm etc , your body loses the ability to self lubricate.

    In your case it sounds like a straight up allergic reaction to something in the balm- colouring or chemical.

    See a doctor or try some zinc ointment on it.


  • That's not exactly right what your daughter says. What actually happens it's that you become accustomed to the feel with the lip balm use and so anything less than that makes you want to use the lip balm and so anything less than that makes you uncomfortable. I am a constant lip balm user and have been for years so I've checked on this to make sure I'm not doing damage to my lips.

  • yeah thats what i thought so, im using a medicated lip balm now and it seems to help! thank you!

  • nope no one use my lip balm before and yes ive stopped using it and it seemed better thank you!

  • im glad to hear its getting better. im using stuff on my lips called serious lip repair. i dont use it every day just now and again. i just hope i dont get sore lips. wishing you well. grace xoxo

  • Hi it does sound like you are allergic to something in the balm. I am sure it is nothing serious but if you are worried or it doesn't clear up after a few weeks I would see your doctor to be on the safe side. Or why not visit your pharmacist and ask their advice? x

  • yep i went to a pharmacy and bought a medicated lip balm, so far so good thanks!

  • check the ingredients of each product and google what it is. sometimes they put stuff in products like shampoo and toothpase that has no real benefit to the user only to make the shampoo frothy and the same with the toothpaste. its called sodium laurel sulphate i found this out when i went to the dentist and i had a sore tongue and it was the sodium laurel sulphate. so i changed my toothpaste and have had no problems since. the dentist told me many people are allergic to S.L.S

  • just checked mine, and nope theres no sls. however after using the new lip balm, it worked for a few days and back to the same conditions :')

  • is it a well known lip balm?

  • yeah i think so, QV lip balm

  • I had a friend who thought she was doing me a favour in buying me a really expensive 'lip repair' lip balm. It made my lips much worse! I have stopped using all lip products now and if my lips get dry then I know I am not drinking enough water.

    I second going to the pharmacist as they will be able to advise on the right cream to help. Do you have a Pharmacy First programme in your area? Or a Community Pharmacist? Rashes and skin conditions are the perfect things to go to the pharmacy for, and it saves waiting for a GP.

  • yeah they recommended me a medicated lip balm and its been great! thank youfor the advice!

  • My niece can't use chapstick at all her lips puff up etc because she is allergic. she switched to plain Vaseline and that works for her.

  • okie thank you! will try out vaseline!

  • also coconut oil is good i have a jar in the fridge and i use some of that and some oats and i scrub my lips with this and it keeps them nice. its100% virgin organic coconut oil its solid in the fridge, its also good for the face to and be careful to stay away from the eyes.

  • Menthol and alcohol in the lip balm dry your lips. It's how they keep you coming back.

    Use something non-medicated (use Vaseline if you want). It'll clear up in a few days.

  • yup started to use a lip balm that is for dry lips and it starting to clear up! thank you!

  • Excellent!

  • I think lipbalm is very bad for lips and it does sound like an allergy maybe?

    I would refrain from using it, your lips will crack and dry out but stick with it and you will be glad you did, for really tough days use the little tins of vaseline for lips, much kinder to them.

  • yeah hence i went for other options and it seems less harsh on my lips! thank you!

  • Hi ponycornn, Once you start using lip balm you always have to use it. Your skin has its own way of moisturising itself and if you use products on your skin it then stops producing oils and so you feel you need to use more balm. Vicious circle! Try leaving off the balm which usually has petroleum and other damaging products on the menu and use coconut oil or almond oil.

  • sure will definitely try out coconut oil, had heard benefits about it! thank you!

  • I think the condition you're describing and the lip balm are just coincidental. I would go see a dermatologist.

  • okie i will take note of my lips thank you!

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