Does the pain clinic work and does anyone know what they do thanks


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  • Good question!

    I'm going to one next month.

  • Every pain clinic is very different, I have been under the care of the pain clinic for over a year. The first appointment was with a pain specialist, he was very knowledgeable and decided what the best treatment plan was for me, he referred me for pain injections, scans, neurologist, pain physio and to a pain management group where you meet with others and learn about how to manage your pain.

    I have found it very helpful, I'm still seeing the pain psychologist one to one.

    Sometimes it's learning how to have a good life even though they can't really do anything to totally fix your pain, mobility etc.

    Hope you will have a good experience too at the pain clinic

  • I have a bulging disk for 8 months and they just keep hitting me with pain killers and there doing no good

  • Painkillers are not a long term solution. Have you seen a physio?

  • Yes had physio even acupuncture nothing is working my bulging disk is not touching my sciatica nerves but the pain is there every day I have lost weight and my mussels are all gone

  • Do you take any nerve medication? (They help my sciatica) Don't give up the battle, try to keep moving (gently) even though it's difficult. I'm rebuilding some of my muscles at the moment with swimming.

    Don't take medication that's not beneficial for you, better book an appointment with your GP and ask him about different solutions (maybe back injections?)

  • I take am taking amatripaline at night to help sleep

  • It might be worth trying pregabalin or gabapentin,good luck

  • I have tried that no joy

  • Sorry, hope others have more helpful suggestions

  • What will I do if doc won't refer me to a surgeon

  • Surgery is not always possible and back surgery is very risky. You have the right to go for a second opinion if you like

  • Do I just go to a different doc in my surgery

  • No I would ask the gp to refer you to an other back specialist

  • Ok I will give that a try thanks

  • I know how you feel i have tried everything no results. I tried nerve blockers muscle relaxers pain meds shots physical therapy and nothing is help with my lower back pain sciatica I'm finally getting surgery done on the 28th

  • Good luck my surgery was nearly 4 months ago and i wish it had been done 24ys ago,all the best Manditts.

  • There actually are no such thing as pain killers. We have to accept that pain reduction is the best we can hope for.

    The pain clinic will proscribed different medications if one is not effective.

    Pain is a very omplex thing especially when it has gone on for a long time. The pain pathways in the body can become over active and we can experience pain even when the original cause is gone or not as severe. It's like our body and brain connection tin gets stuck in a Grove.

    Pain Clinics can help to teach ways of managing the pain so that it does t overwhelm.

    I found it helpful but where I live they are overwhelmed by too many patients ts and far too few staff so the input per patient is very limited.

    Certainly give it a try and with an open mind. Don't expect miracles. They don't exist.


  • About ten years ago now, I saw the consultant who was known as the top pain consultant in the UK. The consultation took over an hour. In the end I was prescribed morphine; which was useless! After another couple of years I saw an orthopaedic consultant (the last of a long line) who found the trouble was caused by a degenerate lumbar scoliosis and as well as stensosis, there was a trapped nerve root hidden by an osteophyte. He prescribed medication to deal with NERVE pain (Pregabalin) which finally gave me some relief from the pain. I suppose the moral is: make sure the pain clinic knows the difference between causes of pain.

  • I have attended two. They were very different. The first (and longest period) was at the National Hospital in Queens Square, London. They were brilliant - until my pain consultant left, when they 'ditched' me - on the grounds that they couldn't do anything more.... Actually, my belief is that the decision was mainly financial. Plus lack of resources (I don't think my consultant was replaced and demand is high).

    I was subsequently referred to a local clinic which was of absolutely no help whatsoever.

    In London I had a long appointment with the pain consultant on my first and on subsequent review appointments. She managed to give the impression that she had all the time in the world and her only concern was my well-being. Following that I had various treatments - facet joint injections; nerve block; Lidocaine and Ketamine infusions; acupuncture (which actually made my pain worse). I also attended a pain management course, saw a specialist psychologist and had physiotherapy. During this period I also had a 2nd spinal operation (a 4 level fusion) which the pain consultant facilitated. I miss her!!

  • Hi my name is Manditts i live in Australia and have been under the same pain clinic for about 23yrs.Ive tried every medication they have offered every form of treatment,and there have been way too many to list.Every procedure again way too many to list.My injury was protuding and slipped disc in the L 4 L5 region.I had a deep compression back fusion and 3 other plates screws and a new vertaebrae put in at the spinal unit.My op was on the 27th April this year,i was told from the startt at the pain clinic that any gorm of fusion was out of the question .I walked out of the spinal unit 48hrs after an 8 hr op,a new person andmy pain has reduced by about 50%in my liwer back and the delbiletating sciatic pain i had in my left leg has ceased.I know all pain clinics are different but i could of had 23 yrs of quality life if they had of not used me as a guinea pig .Thos is ny experience with pain clinucs

    They cant believe how successful my operation was.Who would of thought.I really hope you can find a pain clinic who isnt more worried about kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies than patient wellbeing.Again my personal opinion. Good luck.

  • Thanks

  • Hi, I'm in Wales, part of the UK. After 30 years of chronic back pain, also pain in right hip remaining still after total hip replacement 2 years ago, together with fibromyalgia, costochondritis and intermittent sciatica, I have just returned from a 3 week Residential Pain Management Programme at Shropshire's excellent Orthopaedic Hospital at Gobowen, near Oswestry. This was provided free of charge on our NHS and has been the very best approach in helping me to live through my pain. Hydrotherapy stretching sessions, Yoga, Mindfulness meditation, walking regularly and distraction therapy such as woodcraft and art all contributed to me addressing the pain from an acknowledgement point of view. Classroom discussion on Pain, Stress, Activities, maintaining as normal a life as possible without focussing on the fatigue, depression and guilt all associated with the heavy weight of constant chronic pain. Our pains are REAL and hurt our bodies and ruin our lives if we can't try to help ourselves too. I still take Gabapentin (Neurontin) and Tramadol, with a very good basic pain relief - Paracetamol! Please don't give up! Treat yourself to a body massage when/if you can, gradually increase your stretching and exercising in a pool, walk , rest, enjoy your friends. Mindfulness books will help - they're not mumbo jumbo, just how to be kind to yourself on a daily basis. Take care everyone and watch out for the Boom and Bust syndrome (me!) where you overdo things when you have a better day! You may pay for it the next!

  • They are no doing anything for me the doc doesn't understand why I am in pain as the bulging disk is not touching a nerve but I think it because I have lost a lot off my my back hips bum and legs are in pain and when I sit they feel like a brick I think if they don't do anything for me I will have to go private as this is effecting my work

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