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Feel like screaming!

Coming up 4yrs ago I had a spinal fusion L5 S1 for degenerative spondylolsisthesis.

I was told up to 2 yrs recovery, after this time I was by all means any better,but actually worse than before the op.

After months of 2nd opinions, MRI scans,xrays etc I was sent to see a rheumatologist, where I was diagnosed with Fibro.

This was due to the trauma of the spinal fusion.

I was also sent to pain management, as I was experiencing excruciating hip pain,which felt like they were being squashed in a vice. I was diagnosed with Sacroiliac joint problems.

I now have Bi lateral SI joint injections through epidural every 8 months.

I don't think at the time they have worked,until I can feel it wearing off and then I know about.

I had my last lot of injections beginning July and felt great,been away to Spain for a week,as the heat helps and don't suffer. Just been back over a week and I am suffering terrible, but it only started yesterday.

I'm walking like John Wayne!!

All the area where I had my fusion,both hips and both legs directly at the back including calf's (calfs feel like I have had cramp in them,as really sore to touch) and ankles are the worst pain ever.

I have no pain in my buttocks, as you would get with Sciatica.

I've had every pain meds out there and the only one's that give me some relief are Dihydrocodiene, paracetamol, diazepam, lidocaine patches and cbd oil.

This is the worst I have been in a long time.

Can anybody enlighten me or has anyone experienced anything like this before?

Thank you.

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Can I ask if you are overweight ? I myself have found that if you are taking good pain meds then you have to use them to keep on moving as much as possible because inactivity exasperates the problem and the pain and it is a vicious circle that is very difficult to climb out of.

But I believe that if you are determined enough and are at the end of your tether then finding where your muscles used to be and slowly reinvigorate them by moving and building them up by gentle exercise and do them religiously, then you will find a way to better cope.

I do realise we are all different and have different bodies , but there are some golden rules about some things that are the same for us all, being overweight and inactive makes your muscles waste which in turn puts more pressure on the painful parts.

You do not need to exercise standing up or sitting down you can do it while lying in bed or wherever is best for you and believe me it is hard, but well worth the effort for your mind and body.

Pain is a great teacher so listen to it and with a good physio who can start you off and put you in touch with what muscles to build up and which ones to build up more to alleviate some pressure on other parts, it's not rocket science but it does take effort and a resilience to keep at it even when it seems pointless on the days when we are feeling shitty.

Hope this obvious advice helps to stir you into action all the best Alex


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply. I have been more active since starting the injections over 18 months ago.

I have had Physio and that makes me worse and leaves me floored for weeks. 4 years now I have attended Physio. I try and walk as much as I can and out every day till lunch.

I'm not overweight, 8st 12lbs. I take plenty of vitamins as well as my pain meds.

I have been fine until these last few days! I'm even struggling to sit down and to even sit on the loo without yelping in pain.

I'm off to see the doctor this afternoon and see what they say.

I can't bare it! I don't know if it's just a fibro flare up or not, but will soon find out.


Well I went to the Dr who referred me straight away to A&E for a MRI scan. I've been kept in and on the Major Trauma Ward. Seem to think I have Compressed spine, having further xrays and scans later today.

It's the NOT knowing what it is that's so frustrating!


I had a deep compression spinal fusion on L4L5 and a new vertebrae put in and a brace to stop my spine from slipping. I had the same ailment as you before this op.I had the surgery on 27th April and wslked out of hospital 48hrs later a new womsn.After reading ur post im feeling extremely blessed that i have had such a great outcome.My sciatic pain that had me on the beik of taking my own life is now gone.I will think twice about moaning about the back pain im left with now.I wish you all the best for the future.


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