Crap, crap, crap. Back and leg pain that just never stops.

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  • I take it a doc has checked it?

  • At least 1000 Dr visits.

  • It can't be fixed then I take it?

  • 3 surgeries on same place. The Dr's said leave it alone. I broke it when I was 21 and didn't have surgery til 10 years later. Then it was fixed and it did great for 8 years. It broke again from one of the screws popped out. Had surgery again and it had so much scar tissue and bone graph. It just plain hurts. I can never sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I just get tired of the pain and complaining from myself.

  • I'd get tired too, do you ever have any good days?

  • Join the bloody club mate, I had operation to cure mine now am a virtual cripple now.

  • I live on pain killers as I was advised by 2 doctors not to have the surgery. One Operation will not benefit my back and could end up crippling me and the other is neck op too dangerous. Must admit have known of this back op crippling 5 out of 6 people . so better with pain killer or wee half. Good luck

  • Yes. A holiday from pain would be so lovely.

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