Bulging disc

I have had and bulging disc for 8 months it is making my life hell they have given me pain killers physio and acupuncture and nothing is working I am at my wits end

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  • Is there a good private physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist in your area?

    Could you ask your GP for another urgent Physio referal or phone the physio you have seen and tell them there is no improvement so what can they suggest now as pain is unmanageable.

    You are too ill and in too much pain to go in so why not phone GP practice and ask for an urgent call back from the doctor.

    Does this need the right manipulation from the right specialist or surgery what do you think? What does doctor think? You can't go on like this. Have you had urgent referal to Orthopaedics? Surely you should have seen a specialist by now?

    How severe is the pain ? 6 out of 10? 8/10? 9/10?

    Is the pain serious enough to go to A&E?

  • 8 out off 10 the physio said my bulging disk is not touching my sciatica nerve but surely they can do something as nothing else is working

  • Hello again Tina. I was looking at your previous posts and wondered if you had tried a chiropractor as johnsmith suggested. He seems to know more about these things than I.

    Have you seen 10 physios? What do the other 2 say? Are you in UK? As you have had the MRI scan, would I be correct in assuming that the Orthopaedic Consultant sent you for that? If I were you I would get on to that department via the Consultant's secretary. Ask to be seen urgently as you can't cope like this. What did Consultant say it was? You need help with this so can only keep on at the doctors till you get it.

    It would help if, when posting you mention that you have posted before about the same matter. Or give a brief history of scans , treatment so far, etc.

    You could try asking GP for a few Diazepam as a muscle relaxant and try one for two consecutive nights.

    Really, though, you need this fully diagnosed and treated.


  • Hi Mary yes I stay in Scotland they gave me gabapentin and amitripaline but I only take the second one as I have to drive to work . It was was doctor that sent me for a MRI I have not been to a orthopaedic I only been sent to physio

  • Here in South Wales GP isn't allowed to order MRI. They have to refer to a Consultant, usually Orthopaedic, then they order the MRI. Waste of time really.

    Will you be asking your doctor for an urgent referal to Orthopaedics then?

  • Yes well I left a message at reception as I can't get to see my doctor for a fortnight all the money spent on painkillers when they can just get it fixed

  • Do you think it can be fixed then?

    Are you not able to find a chiropractior where you are.

  • Well I hope it can they also sent me to a the hospital for X-rays I think it something to do with rumatisim and I phoned doctors surgery for the results but the reception did not give me them she has made a phone consultantion for my doctor to phone me next Tuesday sorry about the spelling

  • Seems a long way off if pain very severe.

    Hope it eases up for you a little.

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  • You say 'they' have given you this help. Who are they?

    Have you been to a pain clinic?


  • I have not been to a pain clinic just physio my doc sent me for a MRI and they told me it was a bulging disc I have had acupuncture but nothing working

  • pain killers should be working...I have bulging/herniated discs from T1 to S3, with S1, S2 and S3 completely broken off and free flowing...I take generic vicodin, hydrocodone with acetamenofin 5/325.

  • You also need to know if it's bulging or if it has herniated. An MRI can tell the difference. Herniated discs let the fluid come out of them and that fluid is around the spinal nerves which become irritated and extremely painful. To be honest, my MRI had to be seen by neurosurgeon in order to get accurate diagnosis. others just don't know what they're looking for.

  • I had a bulging disc for 24 yrs ,24 yrs of excruitiating pain endless painkillers seen endless pain drs.Had a deep compression spinal fusion at L4 L5,had a new vertebrae pyt in.I was in surgery for 7hrs.I was dischatged from hospital 48hrs after surgety,the best move ever.No more sciatic pain and my lower back pain is so much more manageable.Too much time liost.

  • you will get no where until you have an MRI scan to ascertain what is going on, my gp just kept me popping the pills and changing them to different ones if they didn't work and told me to exercise more (really easy to do if you are in a lot of pain....not). I went private in the end and the disc had herniated and I was operated on within10 days of my first appointment, sciatica relief was instant, couple of months to get over the back pain

  • I have had a MRI and they said it's a bulging disk and said it's not touching my sciatica nerve but I am in agony

  • think your best solution would be injections for pain relief if the pain is just in the joints they do facet joint ones if it is affecting the nerves a steroid epidural (which I am having tomorrow) or if things get really bad and they don't work then it is a root nerve blocking one

  • Let me know how you get on with that

  • had them before and touch wood they seem to work for me. Did have some cervical ones 4 months ago that caused a stroke 3 days later so keeping away from them.

  • I have had same condition in 1998 due to a head on car accident

    I believe the best outcome if all else fails is a fusion , I have gone 19 years and the surgery has come a very long way . In recovery ie 6 months after surgery swimming on your back using flippers and a kick board on your gut up and down a warm pool 1km every 3? Days to build up your back muscles then run down either side of the spine they are dumb and hard to rebuild . Be sure you have a top class surgeon should you go down that path. When you wake up the pain is of a totally different type not a nagging nerve pain .

  • I lay on the floor of my study for 3 months with the pain from a bulging disc - agony. Finally I had long acting steroid epidurals - they are done in the OR - what a relief. At least for me. Now I need hip surgery, but even the pain from a bad hip doesn't match the pain from the discs. Do try the epidurals if they are available...brilliant - at least for me. Good luck!

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  • What ones do u want me to keep away from

  • I have bulging discs aswell as other issues with my neck. Unfortunately physio is the first option they will give you. Surgery is usually the last resort for this. adequate pain relief is probably all you will be offered unless the disc is in contact with your spinal cord. You maybe refereed to pain clinic who can help with different methods of relief. Our nhs does take a long time so waiting is part of the plan. Have you seen your gp yet?

  • Yes I have seen my gp go another app in 2 weeks how long have u had your bulging disk and did it get fixed

  • A year gone January. And no it's not fixed! Had physio, no difference. Tried tens machine, no difference. Now waiting till October to go back the pain clinic. Next step is accupunture. They told me they won't operate at present as the risks are too high. Hope you get something sorted x

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