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Operation on Wed at harley may get cancelled!!

Hi all. My op at harley Street is booked for wed. I had assessment on weds this week at King's college. No one said it was a 4 hour appointment!! Passed around 3 people until I got to the sister that goes through all your medical history.

Then examination and she found a wheeze!! Emergency lung function test and have to return to Kings on Monday to see anethatist who will decide if I can haveop. Omg stressed or what.

I smoke I'm not going to lie. I have bad hayfever which affects my breathing at times.

I had lung function test on Thursday and thankgod passed with good results!! So now it's solely down to him. I've waited 3 years for my op and at the last hurdle this happens!! Please all send me luck and healing for Monday at 11:45.

Have anyone here Bern through similar?? Xx

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If you smoke you will find it very hard to get sympathy from most people


What is the op Sallyk42? Sorry missed it somewhere.

I smoke and you have my sympathy!!



Discs taken out of neck and fusion x


You must be so disappointed Sallyk42 .

Having got so close and yet so far.

Fingers crossed for a good decision to help you progress with this.

However if they decide they cannot go ahead with it,it will be for a good reason and in your best interests.

Take care.



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Thank-you xx


Prayers going up for you tomorrow. Can l ask why you are getting treated at Harley Street and not Kings. I ask as l have CRPS all over n wondered if there was a treatment you might be getting as NHS have no clue. All the best for tomorrow l hope n pray whatever you're having done will be a success and a speedy recovery. God Bless πŸ™

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Thank-you so much! No hun just some are being sent there tohelp get waiting lists down. I hope you get some joy soon. It's so debilitating isn't it xx


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