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hello im new to this but not to tne pain this has been going on now for16 months i was suddenly hit pain everywhere after a trip to devon had both carpole tunnels done which made a difference but living day to day with which part of me is going to hurt today have just started co-codamol ,nortripylin naproxin and turmeric tabs anything to get through the day so i can work

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Hi there. So sorry to hear of your pain. Sounds really extreme.

Are the Cocodamol and Naproxen helping? I'm not familiar with the others.

Were you prescribed Lactulose medicine also. If not I think you will need some. Cocodamol can cause severe constipation which will make the pain even worse. Forgive me if you know this as you probably do.

Hope all these meds help to relieve your pain.


What happened 16 months ago? Or did it just come on suddenly?

Have you had any blood tests or a diagnosis?


i supoce quite a bit but i was feeling ok and certanly no aches and pains went to devon for a week in a cottage with my dog came home and at the weekend bit by bit i was like a semi cripple had god knows how many blood tert nothing showed had £150 worth accupunture didnt wrk had both carple tunnels done that helped im probably 80% ok just my knee and hip and the other day my shoulder altho that seems better today had more blood test this morning for polymyagia and a few other things

Are you under an Orthopaedics Consultant?


Have you had any MRI scans?

no the consiltant done more reserch for me before i had my carpols done

I'm not sure what you mean - which Consultant? The Neurologist?

Would you consider asking GP to refer you to the Orthopaedics for MRI scans of your knee and hip. You could also mention shoulder.


Sorry. Meant to ask about the research - not sure what that is?

Did you have nerve conduction studies? Painful, isn't it !!!

as for lactulose its kind of evened itself out without going into too much detail lol nortrypiline is a different version of amytripline

the consultant sent the gp a list of things to take blood for [reserch]

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