Day 3........

Day 3 of David coming off Oxycontins and he is in a mess. Confused, more than usual, wandering around and can't settle. Pains in different places. Unhappy.

So far it has only been 10mg and we have a very very long way to go.

Sat up with him for the second night just reassuring and talking gently. Seems to help.

Oh yes...I broke my toe yesterday just to add to the party.


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  • Hi Pat, sounds like this is going to be a long difficult process with David but I would think the begining would be worse. As you say it is only a small drop but significant change in health. How did you manage to break your toe, bet you stubbed it on something, it is so easily done or did you drop something on your foot? Take care don't need any more upset do you right now. Got a good excuse to sit with David more now your toe is broke. Case of Fate stepping in to change things ? Havea restful day in the sun, still hot in UK but rain forcast before weekend is out, and its a little cooler today. xx

  • Thanks Katie as ever. Hard to decide what is 'normal# pain and what is cutting down meds. He is sleeping a little better but I'm lying awake waiting for him to wake shouting.

    I was being my usual nosy self, turned and hit my sun bathing deck chair! Yup the one that has sat in same place almost 12 months! Foot will survive - I have a spare one!


  • see you haven't lost yor sense of humour Pat. These things happen so easyx Have a good day

  • Doesn't sound like much of a fun party Pat. I wouldn't want to be invited !

    I don't think its ever going to be an easy ride coming off opiates. The psychological factor is impossible to gauge as it's so tied up with the physical. I don't think it's necessarily going to get worse. You both have been through withdrawal before I think.

    How did you break the toe ? So sore and nothing anyone will do about it.

    The confusing is particularly worrying as with confusion come less ability to deal with the physical withdrawal. Distraction is the best thing if it's possible. I binge watched a really banal tv series for several days when I was withdrawing for Fentanyl.

    Keep posting Pat ( now there is a tv series to watch !) . I think it helps to write down what is happening. Others might be able to make suggestions to help you both get through this.

    In my thoughts


  • All you have going on Dee yet you find time to think of others. Loves you.

    Special meds are helping in general but not sure how effective they are in these situations. Will ask.

    He has an apt back at pain clinic on 27th so be interesting how consultant deals with his confusion.. He just comes out with gibberish words and sentences. Meaningless.

    Yup poor toe. Big, red, black and very swollen. Sticks out like a sore thumb. I was busy trying to hear what the builders next door were doing and walked into my deck chair.

    Always said I would write my book now we are here!!! Chapter 754!!


  • oh dear paton, sorry to hear about your toe. dont forget about looking after yourself too during this very difficult period of time. Its really hard to know what to say so i wont babble on, i just want to wish you both well and as has been mentioned distraction is about the best help. Its all going to be worth it in the end. Keep up posted. love grace xoxoxo 🙏

  • Thanks Grace. He has distraction in the form of a trainset he is building. This one is number 7! Lifetime interest but with good days and bad days generally it has been put on back burner a bit.

    We did go out this aftermoom to the beach and sat in glorious sunshine with an ice cream. That is MY sort of distraction!


  • thats souds great and the sun is a great healer for sore bones and muscles and im glad that you enjoyed yourselfs and had ice cream. your both in my thoughts, xoxoxo

  • I have so been there. Withdrawal is probably one of the worst side effects of taking narcotics, esp oxy. It sounds like he is tapering, if he is having a hard time you should probably taper a little less than 10, maybe 5 or 2.5 at a time. Getting off those is a painful process. I was just suddenly taken off cold. When tapering is best.

    I dont know his whole situation but i do know after years of addiction that tapering is a slow process, and needs to be done slowly.EDIT: Saw OP and youre doing a great job!! Youre doing it exactly like what a methadone clinic would taper 💛💙💜

    Sending you my thoughts and prayers

  • Sorry to here that David is having a hard time of it with the withdrawals hope u toe Is not to bad

    Best wishes to u both

  • Surviving Peter and sun always helps.

    Bigs hug


  • HI paton, this is just a thought as i have been thinking about your situation and you can get massage therapists to call in house or reflexologists or someone who can give some sort of treatment to help in removing the toxins from the body, it would also give you an hour to yourself. massage is very relaxing. I use aromatherapy myself. i mix a few drops of lavendar oil in argan oil and massage my neck and the top of my arms as i get headaches. it makes the house smell nice to, you can even buy your own oil and drop a few drops on some cotton wool and leave it beside you. as i said its just a thought. i hope that things are going well, keep looking after yourself too.and take care of that toe, it cant be good to be on your feet all the time. thinking of you both. love grace xoxo

  • Afternoon, so sorry to hear David is suffering so much and that you have injured yourself too! that must really suck :(

    Did a quick spot of research or you about this as I have used a few herbal remedies but wanted to give you a bit of info about how/ why they work too!One I still use to help keep the level of opiates I currently use is CBD oil (cannabis oil) I use one WITHOUT the THC which is the chemical that makes you "high" and gives the psychogenic affects, so it is much better for you, this works for pain by coating the end of the nerve synapse in a thick liquid that lessens the pain signal that gets through. But is has also been shown to be helpful to those who are going through withdrawal, by inhibiting the drug seeking behaviour in the brain. I work for a company called Grape tree in the uk, and we have started selling one, which is the one I use as it is lab tested and certified (unlike a lot of the ones on the internet) will include the link for you to have a look:

    I also use magnesium baths now as it is best absorbed through the skin (we also stock those) helps with muscle cramps etc and magnesium helps to reduce the levels of calcium build up in the nerve cells which can increase pain levels, so by reducing the calcium level it reduces the pain caused by it!

    Hydration and electrolytes are important (magnesium, calcium and potassium but the latter two are best taken orally with vitamin D to aid absorption.)

    Curcumin (the active ingredient that is found in turmeric) is great for reducing joint and tissue inflammation, I use the curcumin powder at night whisked into warm milk with a spot of honey, unlike the earthy taste of turmeric the curcumin tastes lovely - quite buttery and delicious!

    Green tea is good for helping to cleanse they body and there is one called "Mighty Matcha" we stock which has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea - I could send you some samples of that tea if you would like?

    Passionflower is also somewhat of a wonder herbal remedy! It has not only been shown to be a powerful anti inflammatory but also has been shown to be a demonstrated treatment for the worst symptoms of opiate withdrawal. When taken as a supplement in patients of opiate withdrawal, passionflower induces feelings of relaxation by increasing the levels of a compound that lowers brain cell activity, there by easing anxiety and depression. It also reduces feelings of agitation, restlessness and irritability. These powerful benefits stem from the plants release of natural chemicals that are calming, sleep inducing and relieving of muscle cramps, it contains a neurotransmitter called gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA).

    Make sure you are looking after you too hun, it can be so easy to neglect yourself. I hope this will be of some help!


  • fascinating and very interesting Amy. Many thanks.

    We live in the Canary Islands where cannabis is freely available. Just don't shout about it! I do make him some bix with the whole of the plant's buds. This include thc. Due to him having chronic pain he doesn't get the psychogenic affects a non pain sufferer would get. I am not too sure how this reacts with coming off Oxycontin but researching. Yes CBD is widely available but you have to be so careful where you source. Crooks will dilute ad charge the earth.

    I have been his sole carer for 20 yrs but still never easy.


  • Hoping they follow through with the trials they are currently doing in the UK with cbd oil. As it is expensive. Yeah that's why I only buy our own one, at least you know it's pure :) it must be very difficult hunny, I am here if you ever want a chat! Xxxx

  • Thanks briar-rose. I wasn't aware they were doing CBD trials in the uk. Which group are they using? Is it MS?


  • They are trialing it in vape format for chronic pain I believe, but only on one area (I think in the midlands somewhere) I don't like vaping but hopefully they will be offering other types.


  • Not heard about this but sounds mega bucks for drug companies if successful. There is a patch form but not in UK


  • Many thanks TashiKarma2016

    We moved here to the Canary Islands due to the better climate and warmth for David. Plenty more benefits but that was the main one.

    We have an excellent NHS although GPs play a much lesser role. They refer patients on immediately to consultants, blood tests, scans etc. David is under the pain consultant and she decided he should come off Oxycontin. He has been on 120 per day for 22 months.

    Your idea is spot on. Oxycontin is a slow release capsule lasting about 10 hrs. Whether his consultant would reduce this in smaller doses would need investigating.

    Meantime I have to find that extra strength to help him. Its what beeing a carer is all about


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