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HELP! Protein, hematuria, and high WBC w/ No bacteria!! What does it mean?!


Anyone know why there would be protein a lot of blood and an extremely high WBC with no bacteria all confirmed in urinalysis?? Has anyone had anything like that?! My kidney function is slowly dropping but still in a normal range. It's dropped 4 numbers in 6 months and doctors don't seem to be concerned!!! It's insane!!! Extreme chronic right side flank pain between ribs and hip going on 3 years. Chronic UTIs, Bilateral large kidney stones- 1.1 cm in my right in the renal pelvis and the left one is 0.6cm embedded. I'm scheduled for a cystoscopy and surgery to remove at least the one on the right side. What do you guys think?!! No one I know personally has any idea and no way to relate! You guys are the only ones!! Thank you! I look forward to everyone's responses!

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Suggest your Doctor to do an ultrasound test and a Mri to see what is happening in that part of your body. Blood in the urine is due to infection or inflammation of the urinary genital tract system. Also the kidneys are involved. Sometime there could be cysts which can break and bleed. Wbc means white blood cells count. Normally it is high when there is an infection or inflammation.

Could be interstial cystitis due to low vitamin B12 deficiency & low MagnesiumI use to have continual Utis,with blood but no kidney stone & kidney pain regular .All good now since injecting with b12.I have a small cyst in same kidney as oxalate stone.I Take regular Chelated Magnesuim which stops cramps ,twitches & irregular heart rate.

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