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Macrodactyly and Chronic Pain


Hi Guys,

I'm new here...

I have Macrodactyly on my left hand. Since 2010 I have been struggling with chronic pain. I use to get pain before, but it was only when the weather was changing/cold, if I overused my hand or if I clumsily slept on it. I have a lot of scar tissue and nerve damage which is the main cause of the pain. Somewhere in my concoction of ailments I have carpal tunnel syndrome, for which I am waiting to get a steroid injection.

I was wondering if anyone else on here has the same condition, with/without similar symptoms... Maybe we could exchange pain relief strategies? ...As I just tend to sleep, dope up on pain killers (telling myself they will actually work) and I keep my hand warm by wearing a mitten.

I am currently doing my MSc in Health Psychology and I will be doing my research project on women's experience of chronic pain.

If there are any women here between the age of 25 and 50 that would be happy to participate please let me know and I can send you more information.

It will be an interview that lasts approximately one hour and I can conduct it online via text or video messenger.

Thank you for reading,

I look forward to hearing from you :)

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Please see a sports massage therapist. They can help your pain in ways that Health Psychology cannot. As you are doing psychology it is worth reading "The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness" by Antonio Damasio.

KIM92 in reply to johnsmith

Thank you, I will.

Have you looked at the Pain Toolkit?

There are lots of ideas there for dealing with chronic pain.

Good luck with your study. I have ended up using pain as the basis of one of my studies after my PhD supervisor and I realised we had a mutual interest in pain. Sadly I am too old to take part in your study, and I have managed to avoid that sort of chronic pain and only have long term acute pain.

KIM92 in reply to cyberbarn

Thank you, I will check it out. What is it like having long term acute pain? and how do you deal with it?

cyberbarn in reply to KIM92

I have a high tolerance for pain, and with a background in neuroscience I know a little about how pain is processed in the brain, so it isn't too much of a problem for me. It is more of a problem for GPs and others who automatically assume that I have chronic pain and want to look at the psychosocial associations with chronic pain. It gets boring to have to put them straight and say I have chronic acute pain in my big toes because there is no cartilage left in the joint. Because I have Ehlers-Danlos I have a higher rate of injury causing pain, but I just get so used to it I ignore it.

KIM92 in reply to cyberbarn

That's very interesting. I admire how you've applied your psychology background to your pain management.

Hi KIM, have you looked into proteolytic enzymes which attack scar tissue and inflammation? I'm convinced that the lack of enzymes is behind many conditions. Carpal tunnel is also one of those typical conditions that strike people with Hashimoto's. Of course any autoimmune disease usually has a food trigger. Leading with gluten, dairy, corn and soy. So sorry for your pain.

KIM92 in reply to Heloise

Hello Heloise, That is very interesting. I have never considered the diet side of pain. I will definitely be looking into this! Thank you for this information.

Heloise in reply to KIM92

You can skim this article and see how important they are. You'll hear more about ATP and its importance. There are many makers of enzymes but Izabella Wentz is a pharmacist/Hashimoto patient and researcher recommends Wobenzyme. In the long term painkillers are not good for your body.

When you are hypo smooth muscle is impaired for some reason. I keep searching for answers and the last point had something to do with restricted blood flow to the capillaries which may be very likely with low metabolism.

You can try abstaining from each of those triggers for two weeks and see if it makes a difference. Best wishes.

KIM92 in reply to Heloise

Thank you. I will look into it

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