Gel/cortisone injection

Good morning, all! I had a gel/cortisone injection in my left hip on Monday the 12th and at first I felt really good. However, the injection itself only lasted several hours after I had the injection.. Now it's the 3rd day after the injection and it seems to have been working pretty well. I take very small steps sop as to NOT aggravate that left hip,and I make sure I bend my right knee since on February 9th I had a total knee replacement. Both seem to be doing very well now. But I DO NOT push either one too much! Since my knee replacement back in Feb, I've been doing better each and every day as long as I do NOT over do it with my knee or my hip!! Just pray for me that this injection continues to work if any one believes in prayer like I do!

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  • I do believe in prayer, and I will pray for you. I have a long history of cortisone shots in my back. Sometimes they last a month or two, and sometimes a week. It sounds like you are on top of the matter. Good luck, and God bless from Massachusetts, USA!

  • Thank you very much! I am also ma very firm believer in prayer!! And God bless you as well!!

  • I pray for you for my injections in left hip for bursitis work for a while, keep having to get them about every 3 months, but it can break down the bones. If I just overdo at anything moving lawn, gardening, it acts up. Good luck to you.

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