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The pain is unbearable

Morning you beautiful people. Just a short one as the pain is killing me. If you have been following or reading my posts you know I have had injections in my shoulder.

Shoulder is doing ok but still hurts a little, so yesterday I have pulled a muscle in my other shoulder. It's so painful that I have woke up and can barely move, the pain is now radiating now my shoulder blade and up the side of my neck. It started with a twinge with turning the wrong way to sudden.

I have take ibruprofen even though I'm not really allowed it along with other meds but not easing up, tried rotating the shoulder and it makes me feel sick and dizzy. Any advice please?

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Can you cycle warmth and ice if you didn't explicitly injure it? Find a position in which you can take the weight off your shoulder and do some gentle range of motion exercises both for your shoulder and neck. Repeat those exercises every 2 hrs.

And, as always, whatever works for you as a distractor. :) Sunshine, a DVD, music etc.


If you have been told not to take ibruprofen because of other medication issues then you should not take it. You are putting yourself at risk.

I am not sure what you mean by: "pulled a muscle in my other shoulder". The symptoms of a pulled muscle can be the symptoms of cramp. It is worth sitting in a chair and rotating the leg back and forth slowly within the easy range of movement. Work on moving the foot around the ankle joint gently. What has this to do with the shoulder pain you may ask?

The exercise movements I have suggested are there to attempt to invoke spinal reflexes that reflect into the arms. So they may help reduce the tension in the arm muscles a little bit. You will have to experiment as my description of exercises are not easy for me to explain.


Ibroprophen I wouldn't take this unless u use a stomach protector along with it. These meds can give you stomach ulcers. As for the pain go back to your Dr for something stronger.

Try getting up slowly , and try working the muscles. Ask for an o.t they will give u some exercises to help you


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