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Not happy

Saw spine surgeon yesterday to get told what already knew so just asked if he could come up with any pain relief got told no and there was nothing he could do suggested phoning doc and asking to be put forward for the pain relief team

This I did only to get told no he wouldn't do that as he had found that wouldn't be any good also I should not have phoned even though I had been told to do this I could ask for another phone call with a doc which I have done and it couldn't be done until 19th June

I was only doing what I was told to do

I feel awful now

Understand I as they call it am a complicated case are their people out there in constant pain I am nearly out of it when I sit on bed

If this is how it's supposed to be I will have to get my head around it

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help

All I need to know is I have I got to live

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Make appointment with doctor. Tell him or her that your not coping with the pain and that you really need their help. If they refuse to give you anything for pain you can ask him/her to refer you to pain management classes to see if that helps. If they refuse both then I would change my GP surgery if I was you. It's not fair on you to just let you get on with it and a new set of eye's and ears may get something done. X


Your gp cannot refuse to refer you to any kind of specialist, its up to the specialist if they accept. I was having probs with my gp like you so l called patient services who informed me this and also emailed the practice manager let them know too. It was a so much hassle n it really shouldn't be so difficult to get help. I then saw a different gp in the practice after that and a lot better. Don't give up!!


Sorry forgot to mention, you can also call your spine specialists secretary and ask her or him to check that his recommendation for pain team or clinic is in the correspondence to your gp, explain how much pain you're in and gp not referring you so could it be possible that if it wasn't in letter or already been sent....ask if they could check if poss to write a quick note to gp saying you need referred. All the best.


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