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Chiropractor (for pain)

I had a half replacement knee, last summer and after a brief spell of improvement - the pain is back - I freeze at doorways, when having to change directions etc

I have an appointment with a Chiropractor in 2 weeks time but am concerned that, after less than 12 months - my knee op was a waste of time

I also have scoliosis which, presumably is the cause of my knee going in the first place (my hip is an inch lower on one side)

Any advice welcome

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Does your GP have any advice? Is there any prospect of being referred for more physiotherapy to see if it's something that can be helped by it? Would it be useful to ask for a referral to a pain clinic?

As for the scoliosis, a lot depends on where it is (I was born with one in my neck/shoulder area), the degree of angle of the curvature, the impact on the vertebrae above and below it etc. etc.


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