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Continued fever after severe kidney infection

I've had their kidney infections that require hospitalization since I was 14 this one seems different. After having taking oral and IV antibiotics for the required course of time is it normal to still have fatigue to the point of shaking as well as sweating and the continued high fever? The doctor said I no longer have the infection so I don't get why I still have a fever.

Normally I like dull pain for a few weeks after whenever I am off of the antibiotics so this is weird because I don't have any pain it's just those symptoms

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Just wondering if your docter tested your blood for anything else? For some reason diabetes comes to mind. How long do the shakes and sweats last for and do they just go on there own? It could be a number of things so a visit back to GP is needed so that he can do some tests on you. Don't just put up with it as it's the docters job to find out whats going on. Hope you feel better soon. X


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