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Continuous symptons a of kidney problems after treatment

I was diagnosed with kidney infection early December ..after 3 courses of antibiotics then finally a clear urine sample with no infection ....I .thought I had overcome everything....now almost 2 months later after taking organic cranberry and citrus soda still have pain and fever chills . The other morning I was cold on a hot day..so now I read that that could mean a kidney disease...how do I deal with this? I also have the fatigue and my legs are lame most of the time...should I ask to see a urologist...as a matter of urgency?...I'm otherwise a healthy person...first ever uti in my life ...I'm 60. Can't even think of going for my morning walks...so im not getting much exercise which is not good.

Please advise....how long is this suppose to take before it clears up...cause it feels like I'm not getting better

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See your GP, you need answers and some help with your concerns.

Best Wishes



i have been troubled with uti infections a number of years your gp may send you for a test in urology if it continues especially if blood found in sample, get checked again. women older our age seem more prone to uti we are lower down than men and men should be checked for prostrate or and bladder problems. your Gp should follow up former treatments and samples hope that helps


You really need to be drinking 3 pints or 2 litres of plain water a day. Warm water or tepid is better than cold water for you.


You need to see a GP. You can have all sorts of things which are nothing to do with kidney disease. 60 is a funny age. Muscles do not provide as much body heat as they used to. So you need more clothing to compensate for this.

If you are scared of going for walks practice walking up and down a hallway. Join a yoga class. You need to exercise so as to move well. It does not have to be vigorous exercise.

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Dear zahrah,

Now I could 'rabbit' on about ALL things 'Kidney'-and I could, trust me. However, yes please DO see your GP and ask to see a 'Nephrologist' (Kidney Doctor). Yes your symptoms could, very well, be cause by Kidney Problems BUT........! A Nephrologist would find out, for sure. Now I'm not the sort to 'Nag' or tell people what to do, I'm not like that, but on this occasion......just do as your told! Please let us know how you get on, will you zahrah?

Warmest Wishes



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