Nerves but feeling hopeful

Nerves but feeling hopeful

I will be having my second lot of steroid epidural tomorrow,my doctors has said he will double the dose...I'm so very nervous as I know what to expect at the time but im also excited to see if I get the results like last time,but it really has to last longer than 2 weeks this time lol.

After this im not sure what the next step will having physio 2nd June (I was referred 3rdto March) and I hope they can finally actually do some work on me as mg last one refused as I have trapped nerves.

Well fingers crossed.

I will probably have another little chat on here once its done


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  • Good luck.

  • Thank you

  • all the best for a good outcome. love grace xoxo

  • Thank you so much x

  • Xx Thank you xX

  • Sad to say these things are not designed to last just be careful double the dose I was ill my last one and spent 5 days in hospital good luck

  • I hope I get a better result,sorry you had a bad time with it. Thank you for your well wishes.

  • Hope all goes well.! X

  • Me Thank you x

  • Your very welcome! X

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