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Hi I'm 30 years old, I have anxiety disorder, last year I sneezed and vomitted at the same time resulting in a neck injury, as time has past this has got worse, the pain from my neck to shoulder is crippling, as well as the anxiety adding to the discomfort.(muscles are tense as it is!) Iv been to drs, had a physical check and have been told it's refferd pain, iv paid for chiropractor session's, I'm finding nothing is working to relieve the pain. Has anyone got any tips?

The pain is awful and I'm exhausted from it.

Thanks in advance.


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Have you been referred to a pain clinic yet? It sounds like you could benefit from that.

kat898 in reply to cyberbarn

Nope, saw a NHS physio once and got told to go back on June. Got given Naproxen for the pain. That's it for told to basically live with it and in time it will heal. Problem is it's stopped me from cooking cleaning doing normal tasks properly, can't sleep well because of it. How do I go about it with GP without sounding condensing towards them. The A n E Dr was like MRI should be done etc but no mention of it from GP. Thanks kat.

It is always tricky getting a GP to listen.

you could try going in and instead of saying 'I think I have...' asking them to rule out something for you.

So maybe say something like, 'My condition is lowering my quality of life, and I would like an MRI to rule out any physical causes before I ask for a referral to the pain clinic'

That way he can either send you straight to the pain clinic, or for a MRI, and either way you will get the opinion of others.

Something else that can work is writing things down and handing it over to the GP to read. So instead of saying 'I have this pain and it is impacting my life' write down all the things that it is stopping you from doing, plus all the symptoms. so for instance if you have an anxiety attack and there was no reason for it, and you take your pulse at the same time, you can report pulse rate XX, anxiety attack, no environmental reason.

If you put it in a table with dates in one column, symptoms in the next, then what you were doing/trying to do at the time, then tell the GP you want him to read it. Hand the paper over and shut up until he finishes reading the whole thing!

GPs are human, and humans have a restricted working memory of about 7 items, so if we go into our GPs with more than 7 concepts (when I do the dishes my hands start to hurt and I can't use them afterwards is three concepts already!) they will not be able to take in most of what we say to them, but when they see it written down it can sometimes help them to get a better picture.

kat898 in reply to cyberbarn

Thank you so much for your response, I will most certainly do that, write it down would be better for me, last time I went I cried and completely broke down on between sobs trying to explain what was the issues I was having problems with.

I'm trying to control the anxiety and this referred pain threw it all up in air hieghtening it.

Thank you again for your time


Osidge in reply to kat898

If the doc is saying you have referred pain, a good question to ask is where it is being referred from as it is pain felt in a part of the body other than its actual source.

kat898 in reply to Osidge

From my neck. I'm fed up with it by night time like now I'm exhausted, incredibly sore and so uncomfortable 😥 my anxiety just gets blamed for the muscle tension on the left, I have bad headaches from it, I will call to make an appointment tomorrow I feel as though iv been fobbed off by them, hoping il just trundle along because I find it difficult to speak up.



Hello Kat,Its awful isn't it, I have osteoarthritis and trapped nerves in my neck and when it flares up its horrendous.

try these...( ignore that its an arthritis site.)

I do these stretches every day when my neck and shoulders flare up and they do help, maybe it would be worth a try for you. ( I hope they help)

Also I have started to use this and it is really good...

also you can look into turmeric and black pepper capsules, they help with my arthritis pain and might help with your neck and shoulder pain too.

I hope these help, good luck.

kat898 in reply to Hidden

It must just be absolutely terrible for you,how do you manage to get through the days? I have an active 8 yr old and it's making me miserable!

Thank you so much will check them out, iv orderd the tigar balm so looking forward to that.

Have you ever come across Devil's claw? I was reading up on that, appreantly it's suppose to help with pain etc.

Thank you again,


Hidden in reply to kat898

I have read about devil's claw and I'm sure someday I will give it a go, if you do try it please tell me how it goes.

I haven't had much pain for the last four weeks, I hope it continues but I know that it won't. I just have to keep doing those stretches and use creams and other things I discover.. It can be really hard at times.

It be hard to raise your child while in this pain, I hope the thing I have suggested will help you.

If you discover other things please tell me them.

Thank you.

kat898 in reply to Hidden

I will do will be starting to take it next Thursday have a operation on Weds do hopefully it will speed up recovery aswell.

Aw i will keep my fingers crossed for you, yes i got given stretches just worried that I do them wrong etc. Thank you and yes he's good though and quite independent I just feel guilty I want to run around with him!


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