Achiless tendonitis

About a month ago I was told I had Achilles tendonitis I found that for me low impact sports helped me much more than being sat about because I was still using my foot but it wasn't the impact of my usual sport of rugby... I found the best exercise for me was cycling and moderate weight at the gym also my physio showed me how to tape the are and best stretches for the area of injury.

Hope my experience helps someone out

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  • I injured an ankle recently (fracture and sprain) and was surprised by the difference that good quality taping made to being able to get around.

  • Hi ITYFIALMCTT that's one thing that I found helped the best it gives that much more support

  • I done a lot of running in the army,but in training I got Achilles tendinitis and I could not walk or even put bed sheets over my feet at night,it was the worst pain I ever experienced,I even got backsquadded as there was nothing I could do.i could not even walk too the cookhouse for meals I had to rely on friends to get it for me.It took months before I could eventually put weight on it.the medical staff even done tests too see if I had snapped or torn ligaments.i would not wish tendinitis on anyone

  • Hi, Dukey I know the feeling I am currently doing my application for the army what you in?

    but yeah I wouldn't wish it on anyone it's the worst pain I've ever had found it very difficult to walk but now got it sorted now hope you tendons are ok

  • I see you got lot of replies to your comment so I don't know if you'll actually read this one. But I'm assuming that you wear good quality built shoes and inserts to support your Achilles tendon. And I'm sure you know not to go barefoot or walk around without the good quality shoe with the supporting insert almost ever. And that includes flip-flops or sandals. Because you can do all the stretching in the world and change the type of exercise you do but until you support that Achilles tendon you're going to suffer.

  • I know what you mean... sometimes I think that the number of insoles and supports are mental I think I get different one recommended every time I go to physio... Sometimes I think it's just to sell me stuff but in the long run, I think it will help but the exercises seem to be the thing that help me most

  • No I can not live without my insoles. My feet ache horrible without the insoles. And I don't skimp on the tennis shoes either.

  • I know what you mean but personally, I don't go with the really expensive trainers but i go with some that work for me and the insoles there are lots out there but only a couple work for me.

  • Here in the US we have a machine to stand on that's supposed to tell you what kind of insert you need. I had never used one until recently. I always just purchased the ones that are for planter factiitis. However​ this time I did and it cost me more then twice the amount of money but my shoes feel so good on my feet.

  • I need to look into that that might make life easier when buying inserts thanks for that.

  • I was in training for green Howard's and once I passed out,I wanted a trade so transferred to royal army ordnance corp then in 93 it changed to royal logistic corp.i ended up with compartment syndrome in both legs and broken back prolapsed disc ,doctors in Civvy street when you mention compartment syndrome have not got a clue but it can be limb blood supply to legs is cut off due to pressure build up.I thought i had shin splints at first but turned out to be this.and now my knees are starting to if you are joining careful what running shoes you buy and try running on grass,as it absorbs the shock and don,t stamp your feet in as much when doing drill.

  • Nice I'm planning on becoming a combat medic technician. I feel your pain with the shin splints it's a common occurrence with my friends I personally haven't had any serious issues with them yet. I know what you mean decent trainers and running on grass make it easier because the impact isn't as bad as it is on tarmac. I've learned to do foot drill by putting down the toes of my foot first but do it quickly and not get noticed.

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