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Chest pains with no answer as to what the problem is

Hi all. I have been having sever chest pains that have been non stop for 5 weeks. I have spent a fortune on Drs, x rays, ecg and ecg under stress. Liver, kidneys, stomach, blood. The starts at various times. It cramps up literally under my rib cage and my chest feel like its burning, When i sleep it goes away

I have had so much medication and the only thing that works is ativan. This scaring me as my mind goes into all sorts of possibilites. No Dr can tell my what the problem is. I am geting desperate for some kind of answer

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maybe reassurance is firstly needed to alay any fears that you've got something more serious than what your thinking you may or may not have,with all the tests and exams coming back negative you should be able to help your "worry" factor be put to one side,yes I'm sure the pain is real,and yet it could be excessive stomach acid,this pain comes in like a wave sensation builds up from the stomach and then the pain starts to burn around the rib cage area,I then got some relief if I burped,and then the other sensation I got was like a car going over a bump in the road,but the pain started to build up again,and I always felt hungry at times,and obviously your getting worried,but it might be something like h pylori bacteria causing your problems,which is easily treated with a course of antibiotics,I'm sorry that your suffering at the moment,but hopefully you'll get to resolve this problem pretty soon,good luck for now



I'm sorry to hear that you are having this pain & not really getting any answers. My initial thought was that you could possibly be experiencing costochondritis. This is where the muscles and cartilage in your rib cage become inflamed and the pain is horrendous! I find the most effective relief comes from an anti-inflammatory, pain relief and I also apply heat (hot water bottle, heat up patches, etc)

Obviously I am not a doctor - I am just sharing my own experience of chronic chest pain. I hope that you get some answers soon x


Thankyou very much for your response, I have seen that come up a couple of times. I will need to find a new Dr. This pain also results in panic attacks and terrible anxiety.


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