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Hip and thigh numbness and pain


A few weeks ago my Doctor told me he thought my hip joint was slightly out of line and this was causing the numbness and dreadful pain in my thigh groin and hip, sent me for a x-ray but the x-ray came back ok with my joint intact, I had bursitis twice last year close together, and this pain has never gone completely, I had an injection in the bursa, and antibiotics, after about three week it did get better but not gone completely still the numbness in my thigh, been back to the Doctor twice, he has now told me I need physiotherapy and this will cure my problem, and it will be better before the summer, I am not convinced, I have difficulty standing or walking, well it’s pretty much agony to do either.

Has anyone else had this problem, and physiotherapy has cured it, as my fear is this could make it much worst

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hi I suffer the exact same pain in hip thigh groin fed up going to the doctors so now I don't even bother hope you are having better luck than me.

Shadow19422 in reply to kenster1

Thank you for your reply.

I hate not being able to stand or walk, I had a spine operation a few years ago, and went through all that, and now this pain.

I really don’t think my GP has much understanding of what this pain is like, I struggle to walk into the surgery, x-rays aren’t as good as having a scan, I feel certain something is trapped, or the bursa is so swollen it’s restricting the nerve that runs from my back along groin and down my thigh, the pins and needles are like an electric shock running down my thigh.

Have you had physio,, or has your Doctor suggested anything else, I think it’s all about money, because to me the obvious thing is to have a scan, my Husband is worried physio will cause more harm than good.

kenster1 in reply to Shadow19422

I went to physio but always felt worse for days I did go back and he said it souds like a trapped nerve but that was that I had an operation on my back and suffered bad nerve damage in 03 and gradually my body pains just got worse.

Shadow19422 in reply to kenster1

I have had spinal surgery, supposed to have rods but the surgeon said I had bad degeneration and it was better for them to take a graft from my hip and use that in between the disc on my spine, but just lately I have been having very bad bursitis of the hip, it’s as though the bursa is swollen it’s crushed the nerve that runs from spine along groin and down the thigh, no pain killers help the pain at all.

kenster1 in reply to Shadow19422

I gave up taking painkillers for what it takes to get a scan but they would rather just pass the buck to the physio time and time again.

Shadow19422 in reply to kenster1

I agree, I could get a scan done but my Doctor needs to refer me first, then I could have it done privately, but like you said they are hell bent on physio, I have had all that stretching and stuff done before to no avail

Hidden in reply to Shadow19422

I've had physio but it seemed to make me worse not better!! Typical!!

Shadow19422 in reply to kenster1

I agree, it makes me cross, if my GP would refer me I can get a scan on our health insurance, but I have to have a referral, but the GP is hell bent on physio.

Batty1 in reply to kenster1

Same here ... went to physio for severe tendinitis in ankles that happened out of the blue and ended up having knee surgery as a result because of physio...... And a year later went to Rheumy because I was unable to walk (pain was severe) and was finally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.... I also suffer from off and on pins and needles sensations in my feet and hands.

I never had any type of tendinitis until after my Thyroidectomy, my Rheumy thinks thyroidectomy brought on my 3 yr and going strong nightmare with pain!

I have this too, on my right side. Waiting on an xray to see what's going on. Very painful at times, not constant but everyday now for months. If i stand for more than 10 minutes it starts hurting and i must take a seat. Been doing the ice in towel and that helps some. x

Shadow19422 in reply to Kathush

You sound the same as me, it’s crazy, the numbness along with the pins and needles and burning pain I find hard to deal with, no painkillers have any effects, when I first get up in the morning it doesn’t feel so bad, but after a very short time on my feet it’s agony, and I need to sit down, I had a x-ray but it seemed my hip joint is fine, but showed a old injury to the hip, but I had bone taken from my hip and grafted in between my discs, so I can only think it must be the bone that was removed, I can never remember falling and damaging my hip.

I would have preferred a scan, it shows far more than an x-ray.

My GP seems to be skirting my real issue, and going to try physio, but most people say it doesn’t help, I told the GP that I couldn’t go all through the summer with this pain, he said the physio will cure it!!!! but I am not so sure.

A scan would show if the bursa is swollen and that is restricting the nerve that runs from spine past the bursa and along the groin and down the side of the thigh.

Sometimes my foot feels numb but it isn’t as painful as the thigh pain.

Before I had my spinal surgery a few years ago, they tried physio stretching etc but it didn’t help one bit, I still needed surgery.

If I thought it was the bursa causing my problem I would get it removed, but without having a scan I am not certain what the cause is, GP started by saying the hip joint had slipped out of alignment, but the x-ray told a different story, so then he had to rethink.

Shadow19422 in reply to Kathush

Have you had your X-ray results yet.?

Kathush in reply to Shadow19422

Next Tuesday i am scheduled for the xray. I also feel pretty good in the morning as you stated, but sure enough the pain comes after awhile of doing anything. x

Shadow19422 in reply to Kathush

Oh I didn’t realise you were still waiting, when my Doctor sent me for x-ray,I was able to have the x-ray when ever I wanted, so I went the next day, results took just over a week.

I am still waiting for physio appointment, this burning pain in my thigh seems to be getting worst, I can sit and lie, but standing and walking is dreadful, very painful, I feel like getting a second opinion.


I have this problem, crushing pain across tops of thighs and groin if I stand too long and on twisting around and down and pressing on thigh when sitting.

I recently self-referred myself to Bupa for a lower back scan and was found to have a few problems with the discs and sacroiliac joints. When I looked each one up I found it was an individual disc and facet joint problems that was degenerating and that was the answer. L5 s1 possibly periformis.


I have had back surgery, and also have degeneration of the spine, had bone taken from my hip and grafted between my disc, my spine was not strong enough for rods and screws, but this pain has started since having bursitis, I had bursitis twice in a short space of time and before that several years ago.

Taking any form of painkillers doesn’t help at all, it’s much better when I sit or lay down, but I can’t sit down all day, it drives me mad.

I've had three spine operations and have had a fusion with rods and screws, many years ago. Have had very painful hip bursitis for about 8 months. I see the physio every four weeks and have to do exercises three times a day. No improvement yet! I take morphine for my back but it doesn't help my hip. The only thing that helps is a hot water bottle. Whenever I'm sitting down for a bit I use it. Good luck - you have my sympathy!

Hi i had the same numbness, hip pain and i had an mri which showed inflammation on my bursa I then had steroid injections in the bursa for about a year nothing changed i was struggling to walk had to use a crutch I was then referred to an othoapedic surgeon who told me that my only option was to have the bursa removed, i agreed and had a bursectomy and after i recovered from the surgery all pain and numbness was gone it was such a relief.


Thank you for your reply.

I feel certain this is to do with my bursa, it started when I had bursitis twice very close, it’s never gone completely, but the last few weeks it’s been dreadful, if my GP would refer me, I could see someone private, but he wants me to have this physio, and he thinks that will cure it, not so sure.

Same here, have these problems hoping that my pain injection this week and confirmation of inflammatory arthritus and meds for it might make it better, my daughter is getting married this year and would like to go without crutches/stick etc

Shadow19422 in reply to dinkic

Oh I hope you can enjoy your Daughters wedding pain free, an event you wouldn’t want to miss.

Where do you have the injection, I have had injections in my spine, and also in my hip bursa.

But the pain and numbness is still as bad.

Ever thought of changing Doctors? Ask around to find someone who specializes in hip orthopaedics or a GP who has an interest. An Osteopath is a better option than Physio (unless Pilates specialist). Osteopaths are really good if British trained as their anatomical knowledge is superb. Good luck.

I have thought of changing my gp but I have been with the same surgery a life time, different Doctors though, it’s difficult to find a gp that has a interest or specialises in orthopaedics.

I will see what they suggest when I see the physio, if I think it’s not going to help I will say so, and then go back to my gp and ask for a scan and second opinion.

Have it in the bursa I am fine as long as I am not standing, lying sitting or walking

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