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Nerve damage after operation Advice

I had MRI 2013 showing nerve impingement L5/S1. I was prescribed pain killers and although I kept going back with the pain I was told I'd have to live with it. It got worse so last year I had further MRI which showed a prolapse disc. I had op 31/08/16. They shaved disc and made 'hole' bigger. I'm in worse pain than before, I can't walk far and after developing numbnesskills then extreme sensitivity and pain in my other leg front thigh I was sent to A&E. They did another MRI which showed various stenosis spondylosis etc and two spurs in my spinal fluid at C5/C6. (I'm dizzy pins and needles etc too which could be this). Saw surgeon last week who told/showed me op was a success. He said the pain istopping due to nerve damage from them being compressed for 3+ years! Has anyone suffered similar? Does it get better? I'm to have nerve tests on arms/legs in two weeks so maybe I'll know more then! The pain is so bad I can't drive as it aggravates my left op leg and can't walk far either. I was so active and need my normality back! Any advice gratefully received! X thank you x

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