Back pain after eating/drinking certain food

Hello everyone,

I am 24 year old girl, since a few months ago I started experiencing back pain on both sides everytime I have a soft drink, orange/lemon juice, any meal that consists of lenses or any other vetches, what could the primary cause be of this back pain. I feel a severe pain that gets worse whether I try to move or stand still, sometimes accompanied with nausea/mild puking, my legs get a little "dull" just like the dullness of being on periods, and I can't stand/move for more than a minute if not at all. Your help will be so much appreciated as I was told it might have something with my kidneys or digestive system and I'm terrified of consulting my physician. Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi LuxK, I suggest you go to see a doctor, it could be a number of things and only a doctor can investigate and treat the problem once he/she has examined you. Good luck.

  • I have a severe sensitivity to all nightshade plants and get arthritic type symptoms if I eat them - very few doctors are aware of this and I was told I had arthritis and would be on painkillers for the rest of my life until I identified the cause. Once I stopped eating nightshades pain went away.

  • Indigestion can feel like back pain. If you don't get the pain when you eliminate these things then they are the cause.


  • Kidney infection can cause severe back pain. It may be just a case of a course of antibiotics that will sort this. In the meantime keep a diary to take to your doctor.

  • The only way yr going get answers is to consult a consultant and don't drink them drinks most soft drink s has aspartame in it which is poisonous really and can also cause M S like system s if u drink to much. Blood test ct/ MRI and maybe a camera in yr stomach might be a start . Never fear seeking medical help . It can cost people there life's . Good GP s and consultant s are there to help.

  • Just get an allergy test. Obviously u have a sensitivity! No biggie! I have similar issues with some types of grains. Go to your doctor and request a broad spectrum allergy test!

    Good luck!

  • Personally I would do three things. Give up fizzy pop as it's really bad for you! See my GP or find a local Homeopath then get them to do a food allergy test. Then avoid recommended foods for three months and see if it helps. I only use my GP for emergencies and repeat prescriptions now. Homeopaths seem much kinder, listen to you and care about you as an individual. Rather than the ten mins in out hers a chemical pill of the GP. If you look on line I'm sure you'll find a registered one near you. They obviously have to charge but usually great value for money and discussed up front.

    Good luck

    Patrick x

  • Kidney stones?

  • The citrus , like oh gives me indigestion with certain meds

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