Postmenopause bleed

I am postmenopausal, it commenced when I was 45. After 7years I have started to bleed and am a little concerned. I am on HRT and currently have frozen shoulder and chronic pain so am on gabapentine also, so I am feeling weak, extreme sudden tiredness, struggling to sleep (pain related) have loose bowels and experiencing flushing.

I have a history of ectopic pregnancy and have been treated for pre cancerous cell at the cervix some eight years ago. I had four successful pregnancies, followed by sterilisation.

I was shocked when I began to bleed and although light it has lasted almost a week now and continues. I have a itch in the vulva on both sides and a slightly swollen stomach, however I have put on a little weight recently but am still only 9 stone so hardly overweight. I've delayed visiting the GP as I'm beginning to feel like a hypochondriac with several recent visits with my shoulder. Could it just be a period and nothing to worry about? Or is this not normal after this time scale?

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  • Jan1964

    As it has been such a while since you have had regular periods and you have other symptoms as well it would be wise to get this checked out.

    Any unexplained bleeding is always a cause for concern,but it would be best even if its only to rule out something more sinister.

    It may be something or nothing,but get an appointment arranged very soon.

    As you have come on to the forum to ask this question you obviously feel that this is not normal for you so put your mind at rest.

    Take care,



  • Thank you Crusee. As I say I feel a bit like a hypochondriac as I've never been one to rush to the GP but feel I've not been away from doctors over the last few months. I'll book an appointment thanks xx

  • I know what you mean I have so many conditions I am at my surgery at least once a week.One of the receptionists joked with me a while back that I would get an invite to the xmas party.Didn't know if she was being funny or sarcastic.

    However a while back I didnt see the GP for the reasons you have given and it turned out to be something which needed attention.GP told me off in a nice way for not taking more notice of it.I told him I didnt want to make a nuisance of myself and he said hes the doctor, he will decide if it needs attention or not.

    So now I do as I am told.

    Hope the appointment goes well,and it turns out to be something simple.

    Take care..



  • Definitely agree with Crusee . I would have said after seven years is not normal but that does not mean it is necessarily something to worry about. It might well be nothing to worry about but best to get sorted sooner rather than later. If only because if it is something they need to address in some way then the sooner they can do so, the less problems it is likely to cause. Sorry hope my foggy brain made sense there.

    Gentle hugs,

  • Sorry meant to add. I had a similar thing although for me it was only around 18mths to 2 years after last period and it was only spotting rather than full on bleeding. Nevertheless I mentioned it to the doctor at my next visit (like you I have several conditions requiring multiple appointments) and was glad I did.

    It turned out to be polyps on my cervix. Nothing to worry about and just required a minor day patient operation to remove. But my GP did say if it happens again to report it straight away.xx

  • Hi bleeding after the menopaus is a red flag and needs to be checked out urgently. It is probably nothing but it can occasionally be a sign of cancer. My sister had this and they took it very seriously and sent her for an endoscopy (or something like that) and they found no problems.

    Please don't wait any longer and get it checked immediately at your doctors.

  • Oh definitely go see your dr and as soon as possible. I saw a tv programme and this was mentioned and it could or of course could not be something serious. It needs investigating sooner rather than later.

    As lilac oil says this is a red flag symptom that needs investigating. Please don't delay


  • Thank you ladies. I've booked an appointment x

  • You must see your specialist

  • I wanted to say thanks again ladies. My GP took initial swabs that showed thrust and an urgent referral to gynaecology was made. There appears to be "an area of concern" around the left ovary. I'm waiting for further test to see what it is. The shoulder pain is apparently a possible symptom.

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