21 years of chronic pain

21 years of chronic pain

Ever looking for solutions to my problems and if in any way I can help others. That would give me a mental boost.

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  • Looks warm where you are, maybe too warm for me unless there was a sea breeze. Not much to go on cmoon. Any chance of another clue?

  • Hey Rosepetal, thanks for getting back, it does lift you somewhat. I'm no heat freak myself, I'd rather freeze but there's no chance of that happening in Littlehampton. My next door neighbour is nearly 90 years old and she did say it snowed here...................Once!

    Funny old thing this pain stuff, you try to take it in your stride, make everyone think you're coping & then no one beleives you (Doctors I'm referring too). So I've become a real night owl, I love my music and will often just go through the night without sleep, doesn't seem to bother me anymore. The pic does look a bit warm but it was taken at the Shoreham Airshow before the crash that ended the show for good.

    Anyway, didn't mean to ramble but thanks for getting in touch. If you want my pain story, I'll gladly share. I'm new to this site so haven't really written much as yet.

    Take care Rosepetal,

    Kind regards

    Simon. (cmoon)

  • going though the night without sleep is something to worry about. Are you catching up with the lost sleep? Sleep is needed for fine control of muscles. Lack of sleep I suspect is involved in a lot of dementia problems. The brain gets rid of waste products when it is asleep and not when it is awake.

  • Hi John, thanks for your reply. I am completely aware of the sleep problem and the body's need for sleep but sometimes there is simply nothing I can do about it. The Docs have mentioned giving me even more meds but deep down I know this isn't the answer. I'm already acutely aware of the fact that I might not wake up one day because of the cocktail of drugs I take in the evening. My brother died for almost this reason. He thought he'd been on them for so long that he was immune to them and it was only a very small overdose that we think killed him, the inqest concluded an 'open verdict' which is their way of saying "we don't know why he died".

    Anyway John I really appreciate your suggestions I am trying to alter my sleep patern.

    What brings your good self to these forums?......

    Take care


  • Thanks for the reply. I am a person who had a road traffic accident and walked into the corruption of the NHS and had to find this out the hard way. Had to develop or try to develop the means to handle my long term injury and chronic pain.

    I do meditation and I have found this helps in handling some sleep issues. I am a computer programmer. The activity that wakes you up at 3am in the morning with the solution to a difficult programming problem which one wants to get up to fix.

    I find that when I have sleep issues as above and want to get up when I should not that I engage in concentrating on my breathing and doing a count to ten and down to one on each out breathe. This I find quietens the mind for sleep. You may find this useful or not.

    Hope the suggestion works.

  • I feel this could be useful. Thank you

  • Hi there. .... ive been in pain for a similar amount of time.... Hard work isn't it.

    However as your looking for solutions to your problems. ... I'd start with a better cap and a shave...... :o)

  • Wow Steve_inpaintoolong, that's a bit harsh.

  • Yea.... I know... sorry. It was meant in jest.

    If you've been in pain for any length of time you just have to have a sense of humour. ... perhaps its just me being grumpy. ..

  • If you didn't have a sense of humour Steve you be locked away in a funny farm!!



  • That's ok Fearful, I still have a sense of humour.......(Did like the comment and it was well aimed!).

  • Well if that's the case, keep the cap but lose the beard & get your bloody hair cut! And those glasses? How old are you trying to be? 18? You'll feel a lot better following my style advice!!

  • Hehe,............ Thank you Steve. I could have done a lot better with the pic but I am a photographer and you know what we're like haveing our pics taken!.........But the cap??....It's old but it was a Honda cap in the days Jenson won the world championship,....British driver?........remember them/him. I make no excuse for the cap although it has seen much better days.

    Thanks for writing Steve enjoyed your comments.

    Take care


  • thanx, I did wonder what the Cap stood for.

  • And now you know Rosepetal!

  • ......... :0)

    I'm really happy my comment was taken in fun.

    However you didn't have to change your picture. ..but i must admit it is a large improvement. ... you look more loveable now.... :o)

  • Awww, thank you......The pic is of 'Beamer' the funniest animal alive Along with 'Topa'. Y'know these little guys really do lift your spirit so much. And yes, I guess I'm an old soppy at my age.

  • Hello and welcome

    I find that helping others helps me too. I would much rather hear/read about other people's problems than my own. Then I try to give advice and I come across as being too bossy. Maybe I am!

    I keep a blog which helps, it is a (hopefully) lighthearted look at Horses, Health and Happiness. You can find it at soloambition.wordpress.com

    Take care.

  • Hi Hun same here I nices see same if need same

  • My nam Kelly sorry forget he he till about he he cmoon

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