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pain injections

Hi everyone,

This is my first time here and just wondered has any one had any luck getting pain injection's as after having 6 fracture's in my back a while ago but i'm still having pain from two of them??? i'm still waiting to see some one-hopefully in August after 18 month's.

Pain is chronic and life is miserable , feeling so low and depressed. I'm doing gentle exercise's and pain control at the moment is morphine patch's and paracetamol's but have some day's where i can barely move.

If any one can give any advice i would appreciate it.


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No quite sure what you mean when you say pain injections. Would you elaborate please then we can share experiences .


Hi yes ive had most of the pain injections offered. Most of them worked for me but only for a couple of months maximum. They relived my back pain but did nothing for the leg and hip pains. I have fracture at L5&S1. For some people they can last a long time so its worth a try. If one doesnt work they will try another and so on untill they find the one that works for you. Good luck and i hope you get some relief.


Oh and as for the depression and being in a dark place i think most of us can relate to that. Thats what chronic pain causes but you must fight back. Yes the pain/ injury has changed your life but dont look back at your life, look forward and think about what you can do. Make sure you leave the house every day even if its going to a cafe for a drink and reading the papers.what about a hobby. Buy and sell on the internet, anything to keep your mind off the pain. Pace yourself and listen to your body. Doing things little and often is better than doing nothing at all. Have you been on a pain management course yet? If not ask your GP to refer you. They helped me alot and can also help with pain relief. You don't say how you fractured your back? Let us know how you get on but please try to get out of that awful depression. You don't need that as well as chronic pain. X


I have had many spine blocks they keep the pain under control for about 6- 8 weeks you need to ask your GP to refer to the pain clinic at the hospital as these injections I have are done in theatre under live x-ray


You don't say which morphine patches or what dose you are using or how long you have been using them. All important in gauging an answer.

The bottom line of which has to be, that is you have been taking this prescribed medication for some time now and you are still in pain, then you aught to return to your GP and tell him/her that. Ask for a more effective pain relief.

If you have problems with the patches themselves, such as falling off, then perhaps slow release capsules would suit more. Provided you are not using over 100ug patches.

Regards, Rib

PS. You don't say who your Aug appointment is with. Hopefully the pain clinic. You could also try ringing the number on your letter. If it is for a Consultant then you need to speak with their Secretary. Ask if there are any appointment cancellations that you could have so as to see them earlier. Rib


Welcome! All I know about this: Do your research! Some people get a good

results but some others get really bad pain after! You have to see the pro's

and con's of it. I have struggled with nerve pain for 6 months but have tried

other things, so far not a bad result. I will try more things before anything is

stuck into my back! Good luck.


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