I got my PIP result on the 10th of March,i was awarded a standard living allowance,the woman who interviewed me could not have been more helpful,i have no complaints,everything went well,i was honest with them,they had all my medical notes,which made it much easier.Thanks again for all your help.

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  • You must be gold dust or an ingot to DWP because you are going into the record books, as the only person in living memory, the only person who hasn't complained or moaned about the interview for PIP

    Congratulations on winning this award 🌹🌹🌹🏆.

  • Hi, mine went really good too but I have Dementia, a friend of mine had her medical for pip and they made her wait 8/9 weeks and then took her money away from her with no explanation.

  • Philip,i wasn't gloating,maybe i was lucky and caught someone on a good day.Feel sorry for your friend,hope she gets it on appeal.

  • I know you were definitely not gloating and I was having a bit of fun lol, if it came to it I'd say about 99% on here should get everything because we are treated like idiots by those in government. 😇

  • i found that be honest and you will get it

  • great news,

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